The Oth­er Side

20 March 2014

Lit­tle update on uni­ver­si­ty life.

It’s been a tir­ing week of uni (when hasn’t it been?) It’s only my third week and I’m already crum­bling under the thought of dead­lines, dead­lines and more dead­lines. Despite only hav­ing to go on cam­pus for two and a half days, I get so exhaust­ed by the end of Thurs­day. The work­load, cor­re­spond­ing with what oth­ers have told me, is increas­ing. The read­ings to be done this com­ing week are going to be the death of me. One subtopic in crim­i­nal law is 60 pages. Not keen on absorb­ing so much infor­ma­tion in one go. Life out­side of uni (what life?) has been dull. The only thing that bright­ened me up this week was the fact that my pur­chase from Fos­sil arrived a day after I ordered it, since I ordered it at mid­night two days before it arrived. The fact that my four day week­end is final­ly here has made me so much hap­pi­er, despite hav­ing to wake up ear­ly tomor­row to attend a local court to observe cas­es for two hours and sub­mit a writ­ten report. Joy.

So much legalese and spe­cial­ist lan­guage I’ve read in text­books float in my head through­out the day. I fall asleep and wake up to lit­tle ter­mi­nolo­gies like promis­so­ry estop­pel and novus actus inter­ve­niens bounc­ing around in my head. This is not the life I sought. It’s also con­cern­ing that so much infor­ma­tion escapes my head the moment I read it. My con­tract law tutor uses a sys­tem where she looks at the atten­dance sheet and calls a name and asks for an answer to the ques­tion she pos­es. Today I was asked to present a case and I had the biggest mind blank and kept con­tra­dict­ing myself which obvi­ous­ly result­ed in every­one laugh­ing at me. How embar­rass­ing. I should just high dive into a pool of bricks.

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