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    20 March 2014

    Little update on university life.

    It’s been a tiring week of uni (when hasn’t it been?) It’s only my third week and I’m already crumbling under the thought of deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. Despite only having to go on campus for two and a half days, I get so exhausted by the end of Thursday. The workload, corresponding with what others have told me, is increasing. The readings to be done this coming week are going to be the death of me. One subtopic in criminal law is 60 pages. Not keen on absorbing so much information in one go. Life outside of uni (what life?) has been dull. The only thing that brightened me up this week was the fact that my purchase from Fossil arrived a day after I ordered it, since I ordered it at midnight two days before it arrived. The fact that my four day weekend is finally here has made me so much happier, despite having to wake up early tomorrow to attend a local court to observe cases for two hours and submit a written report. Joy.

    So much legalese and specialist language I’ve read in textbooks float in my head throughout the day. I fall asleep and wake up to little terminologies like promissory estoppel and novus actus interveniens bouncing around in my head. This is not the life I sought. It’s also concerning that so much information escapes my head the moment I read it. My contract law tutor uses a system where she looks at the attendance sheet and calls a name and asks for an answer to the question she poses. Today I was asked to present a case and I had the biggest mind blank and kept contradicting myself which obviously resulted in everyone laughing at me. How embarrassing. I should just high dive into a pool of bricks.

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