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    When the Days are Cold and the Cards All Fold

    29 March 2014

    I am drained.

    Lately I have been compromising the leisure of doing some self-reflection. I used to have so much time to spend on thinking and figuring out things in my head but recently this has eluded me completely and I’ve been unable to spend time to sort out the mess going on in my mind. Uni has been dreadful but I’m also starting to feel like I don’t care about it anymore. I think I adapt too quickly to new surroundings and when I do, I feel like I don’t need to pay as much attention as I initially needed to notwithstanding the increasing amount of work I have. I visited a court last weekend for my court observation report and it was so different to how I imagined it in my head, not assisted by the large courts I saw on television shows like Suits and The Good Wife.

    I was disappointed by how mundane the arguments were, but that might have been because I only visited the Local Court so I only got to hear minor offences. The weather is turning colder and it’s starting to get dark earlier than usual. I’m anticipating the winter season so much. I get overexcited about winter but when it finally arrives, I start missing summer. But I generally enjoy the cold more than stinking hot weather. Chilly mornings where the sky is still dark blue is gratifying. It’s only my fifth week at uni and I’m already looking to my mid-year break because I’ll have time to spend with myself and do self-reflections (which I have had no time to do) and catch up on the books I’ve been dying to read. I still need to finish off my two rolls of film from a month ago. Film is always surprising; every roll containing something unexpected and forgotten.

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