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    When the Days are Cold and the Cards All Fold

    29 March 2014

    I am drained.

    Late­ly I have been com­pro­mis­ing the leisure of doing some self-reflec­tion. I used to have so much time to spend on think­ing and fig­ur­ing out things in my head but recent­ly this has elud­ed me com­plete­ly and I’ve been unable to spend time to sort out the mess going on in my mind. Uni has been dread­ful but I’m also start­ing to feel like I don’t care about it any­more. I think I adapt too quick­ly to new sur­round­ings and when I do, I feel like I don’t need to pay as much atten­tion as I ini­tial­ly need­ed to notwith­stand­ing the increas­ing amount of work I have. I vis­it­ed a court last week­end for my court obser­va­tion report and it was so dif­fer­ent to how I imag­ined it in my head, not assist­ed by the large courts I saw on tele­vi­sion shows like Suits and The Good Wife.

    I was dis­ap­point­ed by how mun­dane the argu­ments were, but that might have been because I only vis­it­ed the Local Court so I only got to hear minor offences. The weath­er is turn­ing cold­er and it’s start­ing to get dark ear­li­er than usu­al. I’m antic­i­pat­ing the win­ter sea­son so much. I get overex­cit­ed about win­ter but when it final­ly arrives, I start miss­ing sum­mer. But I gen­er­al­ly enjoy the cold more than stink­ing hot weath­er. Chilly morn­ings where the sky is still dark blue is grat­i­fy­ing. It’s only my fifth week at uni and I’m already look­ing to my mid-year break because I’ll have time to spend with myself and do self-reflec­tions (which I have had no time to do) and catch up on the books I’ve been dying to read. I still need to fin­ish off my two rolls of film from a month ago. Film is always sur­pris­ing; every roll con­tain­ing some­thing unex­pect­ed and for­got­ten.

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