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    A Per­fect Storm

    24 April 2014

    Stu­dious and stressed.

    My twelve day break is treat­ing me with such kind­ness I feel like I’m all pre­pared to com­plete­ly ditch uni and trav­el aim­less­ly and nev­er study again. Jokes, notwith­stand­ing the fact that I’m on break, I still have so much to do. At the start of the break I was refin­ing my notes (which I have not yet com­plete and will return to it after I grant myself the rest of the night off after fin­ish­ing my research assign­ment today) and these few days I was research­ing my ass off for jour­nal arti­cles to sup­port my argu­ment per­tain­ing to con­straints on judges in the adver­sar­i­al sys­tem, which, must I say, is an EXTREME­LY TIR­ING job to do. The good thing is, I’m get­ting so used to foot­not­ing now that I’m basi­cal­ly foot­not­ing every sin­gle sen­tence even if I didn’t use the source for that con­cept. It’s becom­ing sec­ond nature to me. Not sure if my ref­er­enc­ing method is cor­rect but oh well, won’t die from a cou­ple of mis­takes from a foot­not­ing new­bie like I am!

    Today, being the devot­ed stu­dent I am, I decid­ed to go out with the moth­er since she need­ed to buy some things. (The main rea­son I went out was because I didn’t want to touch my assign­ment after hav­ing done it all day yes­ter­day.) And so I went to Zara for the very first time and wan­dered around the mens sec­tion about three times in total. I basi­cal­ly did laps in the store cause I want­ed to look at every­thing. I felt like some 6 year old in an aquar­i­um, run­ning around. It was weird too cause I was the only teenag­er in the shop. Most peo­ple were above 30 so I felt like an out­cast. I end­ed up get­ting a quilt­ed ruck­sack and a pair of black shoes which I can’t find the link of. Also, as some of you (who I message/snapchat) know, I’ve been fol­low­ing The Voice USA because Christi­na Grim­mie is in it. See­ing a new episode appear on the stream­ing site basi­cal­ly makes my day. Her per­for­mance of Dark Horse was so per­fect, I’m.

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