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    7 April 2014

    Settling in.

    Things that made my week(end) include finishing my Contract law assignment and finally getting to listening to The Fray’s new album. I’m super late, I know. It’s also been a long time since I’ve felt free before. I don’t know why but this week’s readings seemed really easy and there wasn’t much work to do. Either I’m slacking off or I’m finally getting used to the demands of being a uni student. I’m not looking forward to my five hour gap this coming Wednesday. I used to have a three hour gap on Wednesdays but this week I have a five hour gap cause there’s no Legal Research and Writing seminar. I’m probably going to be able to start and finish my Criminal law assignment. Or I could probably just fall asleep on a couch or something.

    Cons of attending a university that’s an hour away from home: you can’t leave campus in the middle of the day if you have a horrendously large gap. I’m kind of glad this isn’t permanent, though. Also, next week I’ll be able to go to uni on Thursday at 10:30 instead of 8:30 because that seminar only goes from Weeks 1 to 6 and 13. So keen. Honestly, nothing’s new has been happening in my life, despite the transition from being a high school student to a uni student. It’s only been 5 full weeks of uni (15 days because I only have 3 days per week) and I’m already getting used to the independence life throws at you along with a string of responsibilities that follow. It’s actually really enjoyable to be in control of everything you do (and don’t do.)

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