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    Before it Comes Tumbling Down Again

    28 April 2014

    Final moments of my break.

    Today is the last day of my mid-sem break. Technically it ended last week but I didn’t have uni today so I’ll consider today as a break too. I’ve finished all assignments that need to be completed but for some reason I feel like I’m still not free. Finishing an assignment literally felt like lifting a thousand bricks off my shoulder but finishing an assignment in uni makes you overthink a lot. It just feels like a really, really long open book exam. I really don’t want to go to uni tomorrow. It actually feels like post-HSC right now in spite of it only being 12 days since I’ve stepped into uni. That’s actually a pretty long time. It’ll be nice to see people from uni again though.¬†Since it was ANZAC day on Friday, most shops were closed so we headed to Sum’s place for hot pot that night.

    I slept at 4:30 the previous night so I was basically a walking zombie. I’ve been so sleep deprived lately and it’s not that I don’t have enough time to sleep, it’s because I actually can’t fall asleep. I went to bed at 12:00 that night meaning it took me 4.5 hours to fall asleep. Please tell me this is somehow normal. The weather’s been acting weird lately but at least we’re getting sprinkles and showers sometimes. Can’t wait for winter so it can finally be cold and I can turn on the heater in my room. The temperature’s at the awkward stage right now where it’s sometimes too hot to wear a jacket and too cold to not wear one. Also realised I’ve been splurging a lot lately. Guilty!

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