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    19 April 2014

    The Easter break.

    So my mid-semester break has commenced and I’m feeling the sense of freedom I had post-HSC. I’ve been yearning for this ever since uni has kicked in and my entire life started revolving around thousand paged textbooks and concepts and seminar questions and just the fear of having to wake up really early the next day because I can’t miss my train. On Wednesday, I only had to go to uni for 2 hours and so I caught a later train than usual, except I went on the all-stops train and it took me 1.5 hours to get there. I ended up reading and listening to my iPod on shuffle. (More like skipping every song until a Seabear song came up.) I ended up turning off shuffle mode and went directly to play all Seabear songs. It’s so perfect for reading on the train, especially when everything outside is green and vast (perks of studying somewhere far away from home.)

    On Good Friday, I went to a church service at the Doody Street campus and afterwards went to Joynton Park for a picnic. For some reason, I only managed to snap one photo which is unusual of me because I usually have a lot of trouble cutting down my images. We had sandwiches, played UNO and talked. It was relaxing (but slightly, very, very boring.) It was good to be out of the house, though. I haven’t felt so relaxed for a month. It’s kind of weird to think that I’ve been in uni for a month and a bit already. Well, despite it being 7 weeks already, it’s actually only been 20 days because I only go for 3 days a week and this week I only went for 2 days. I look forward to the things the future days in uni hold for me. It’s only been 20 days but I’m already starting to feel at home and am meeting new people and making friends with them everyday.

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