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    19 April 2014

    The East­er break.

    So my mid-semes­ter break has com­menced and I’m feel­ing the sense of free­dom I had post-HSC. I’ve been yearn­ing for this ever since uni has kicked in and my entire life start­ed revolv­ing around thou­sand paged text­books and con­cepts and sem­i­nar ques­tions and just the fear of hav­ing to wake up real­ly ear­ly the next day because I can’t miss my train. On Wednes­day, I only had to go to uni for 2 hours and so I caught a lat­er train than usu­al, except I went on the all-stops train and it took me 1.5 hours to get there. I end­ed up read­ing and lis­ten­ing to my iPod on shuf­fle. (More like skip­ping every song until a Seabear song came up.) I end­ed up turn­ing off shuf­fle mode and went direct­ly to play all Seabear songs. It’s so per­fect for read­ing on the train, espe­cial­ly when every­thing out­side is green and vast (perks of study­ing some­where far away from home.)

    On Good Fri­day, I went to a church ser­vice at the Doo­dy Street cam­pus and after­wards went to Joyn­ton Park for a pic­nic. For some rea­son, I only man­aged to snap one pho­to which is unusu­al of me because I usu­al­ly have a lot of trou­ble cut­ting down my images. We had sand­wich­es, played UNO and talked. It was relax­ing (but slight­ly, very, very bor­ing.) It was good to be out of the house, though. I haven’t felt so relaxed for a month. It’s kind of weird to think that I’ve been in uni for a month and a bit already. Well, despite it being 7 weeks already, it’s actu­al­ly only been 20 days because I only go for 3 days a week and this week I only went for 2 days. I look for­ward to the things the future days in uni hold for me. It’s only been 20 days but I’m already start­ing to feel at home and am meet­ing new peo­ple and mak­ing friends with them every­day.

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