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    14 April 2014

    On a short break.

    And so the break is finally here! Well, not really. I still have two days of uni this week but only for two hours on each day so technically that’s still a break. Next week is going to be my mid-session break and I’m really looking forward to that because I’ll finally be able to have a more relaxed schedule like I did for four months post-HSC. I finally handed in my first assignment last Tuesday for contract law and will hand in my criminal law assignment this coming Tuesday. Feels so good to tick things off as you complete them. A shortening to-do list is what keeps me sane as the days go by. The purportedly stressful life of being a uni student has finally been washed away. I’m getting used to the increasing amounts of workload and “stress” I was feeling in the first week. Looking back, I don’t really know what I was panicking about. Maybe it was just the adaption process, not the actual course itself. The mid-year break is drawing closer and I’m looking forward to getting a car so I can visit nice places. It’s been really long since I’ve went on a trip by car. Our family used to go away during holiday breaks and stay at motels that were vacant.

    It’s the life I miss but I guess my parents have grown out of that notion of ‘going away’ already. It’d be nice to be able to decide where I want to go and actually be able to go there myself, being the person that hates public transport with a flaming passion, especially since the trains at uni come every hour and I always miss the early train so I end up getting home an hour later than I really should. Not to mention the fact that I have to stand at the station with my heavy thousand page textbooks in my arms. The weather is finally getting cooler and I’m so happy about the fact that it’s getting darker earlier. Some people hate the cold weather and rain. I can see why people like the warm weather, but I still hate it. Speaking of warm weather, I haven’t been to the beach in really long and I feel like once I get my car I should go to some hidden beach or something. But I don’t think there are many places I can get to during the day that have hidden beaches. I’d probably have to stay overnight or something if I wanted to go somewhere quiet.

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