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    14 April 2014

    On a short break.

    And so the break is final­ly here! Well, not real­ly. I still have two days of uni this week but only for two hours on each day so tech­ni­cal­ly that’s still a break. Next week is going to be my mid-ses­sion break and I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to that because I’ll final­ly be able to have a more relaxed sched­ule like I did for four months post-HSC. I final­ly hand­ed in my first assign­ment last Tues­day for con­tract law and will hand in my crim­i­nal law assign­ment this com­ing Tues­day. Feels so good to tick things off as you com­plete them. A short­en­ing to-do list is what keeps me sane as the days go by. The pur­port­ed­ly stress­ful life of being a uni stu­dent has final­ly been washed away. I’m get­ting used to the increas­ing amounts of work­load and “stress” I was feel­ing in the first week. Look­ing back, I don’t real­ly know what I was pan­ick­ing about. Maybe it was just the adap­tion process, not the actu­al course itself. The mid-year break is draw­ing clos­er and I’m look­ing for­ward to get­ting a car so I can vis­it nice places. It’s been real­ly long since I’ve went on a trip by car. Our fam­i­ly used to go away dur­ing hol­i­day breaks and stay at motels that were vacant.

    It’s the life I miss but I guess my par­ents have grown out of that notion of ‘going away’ already. It’d be nice to be able to decide where I want to go and actu­al­ly be able to go there myself, being the per­son that hates pub­lic trans­port with a flam­ing pas­sion, espe­cial­ly since the trains at uni come every hour and I always miss the ear­ly train so I end up get­ting home an hour lat­er than I real­ly should. Not to men­tion the fact that I have to stand at the sta­tion with my heavy thou­sand page text­books in my arms. The weath­er is final­ly get­ting cool­er and I’m so hap­py about the fact that it’s get­ting dark­er ear­li­er. Some peo­ple hate the cold weath­er and rain. I can see why peo­ple like the warm weath­er, but I still hate it. Speak­ing of warm weath­er, I haven’t been to the beach in real­ly long and I feel like once I get my car I should go to some hid­den beach or some­thing. But I don’t think there are many places I can get to dur­ing the day that have hid­den beach­es. I’d prob­a­bly have to stay overnight or some­thing if I want­ed to go some­where qui­et.

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