Lost and Found

11 May 2014

Mother’s Day.

First of all, Hap­py Mother’s Day! Hope you’re all hav­ing a great day with your moth­ers! It’s been a insane few weeks. Get­ting back to uni after the break and receiv­ing our assign­ments back (well, two of five) and jug­gling dif­fer­ent things that are going on. So much has been going on and time has been going by so fast. Hard to believe that in a month I’ll be sit­ing my end of semes­ter exams and after that I’ll be on a one month hol­i­day and that’ll already be my first half of year one in uni over! Crazy to think how fast time goes past (but also quite reliev­ing because uni is stress­ful and I want to get this over and done with as fast as I can!) So, if you’re a K-Pop fan (espe­cial­ly a B.A.P fan) you’ll know that they came to Aus­tralia! They first went to Mel­bourne and came to Syd­ney the next day. I WAS COEX­IS­TENT WITH B.A.P FOR TWO DAYS, though I didn’t see them. My friend went to the Syd­ney con­cert and I am so jeal­ous of her. And so that’s that. This week­end can basi­cal­ly be sum­marised as mourn­ing over not see­ing B.A.P.

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