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    11 May 2014

    Mother’s Day.

    First of all, Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you’re all having a great day with your mothers! It’s been a insane few weeks. Getting back to uni after the break and receiving our assignments back (well, two of five) and juggling different things that are going on. So much has been going on and time has been going by so fast. Hard to believe that in a month I’ll be siting my end of semester exams and after that I’ll be on a one month holiday and that’ll already be my first half of year one in uni over! Crazy to think how fast time goes past (but also quite relieving because uni is stressful and I want to get this over and done with as fast as I can!) So, if you’re a K-Pop fan (especially a B.A.P fan) you’ll know that they came to Australia! They first went to Melbourne and came to Sydney the next day. I WAS COEXISTENT WITH B.A.P FOR TWO DAYS, though I didn’t see them. My friend went to the Sydney concert and I am so jealous of her. And so that’s that. This weekend can basically be summarised as mourning over not seeing B.A.P.

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