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    26 May 2014

    Always so last minute.

    How to leave every­thing to the very last minute and why you shouldn’t do it.’ A book not writ­ten by me but should be writ­ten by me. We’ve been receiv­ing my assign­ments back and everybody’s just been relieved to have passed. Except for a hand­ful, of course. Everybody’s expec­ta­tions and stan­dards have low­ered increas­ing­ly after step­ping into the realm of uni life. Not much has been hap­pen­ing. I’ve still been miss­ing trains, wait­ing at plat­forms for almost 60 min­utes, some­times more, because I go to uni in some jun­gle. Jokes, but seri­ous­ly, it’s pret­ty far away from the city. I’ve been con­sid­er­ing chang­ing uni­ver­si­ties just for the sake of con­ve­nience. We’ll see where I end up. Count­ing down to the hol­i­days, with only less than a month left, I’m get­ting hyped for going to places I haven’t been for a long time because of the work­load at uni. Going to uni hon­est­ly feels like liv­ing under a rock. It’s the absolute equiv­a­lent.

    I’ve been con­sum­ing so much caf­feine late­ly it’s kind of scary. One day I had a large flat white in the morn­ing before my lec­ture because I only had two hours of sleep the pre­vi­ous night, and I was lit­er­al­ly dying, then at lunch I had a milk tea, and then decid­ed to get anoth­er cof­fee for my three hour library study ses­sion, because I obvi­ous­ly didn’t have enough caf­feine already. Caf­feine will con­sume me (and my mon­ey) one day. Speak­ing of obses­sions and so on, I’ve been increas­ing­ly obsessed with totes. My Nori­take tote arrived a week ago. It was such a pain try­ing to find Nori­take prod­ucts online. I end­ed up order­ing the tote from his own online shop and shipped it to Ten­so, since Nori­take only had domes­tic ship­ping, and Ten­so direct­ed the order to me. Cook­ie points to me for fill­ing in the order form which was in Japan­ese. Pro­fes­sion­al much.

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