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    26 May 2014

    Always so last minute.

    ‘How to leave everything to the very last minute and why you shouldn’t do it.’ A book not written by me but should be written by me. We’ve been receiving my assignments back and everybody’s just been relieved to have passed. Except for a handful, of course. Everybody’s expectations and standards have lowered increasingly after stepping into the realm of uni life. Not much has been happening. I’ve still been missing trains, waiting at platforms for almost 60 minutes, sometimes more, because I go to uni in some jungle. Jokes, but seriously, it’s pretty far away from the city. I’ve been considering changing universities just for the sake of convenience. We’ll see where I end up. Counting down to the holidays, with only less than a month left, I’m getting hyped for going to places I haven’t been for a long time because of the workload at uni. Going to uni honestly feels like living under a rock. It’s the absolute equivalent.

    I’ve been consuming so much caffeine lately it’s kind of scary. One day I had a large flat white in the morning before my lecture because I only had two hours of sleep the previous night, and I was literally dying, then at lunch I had a milk tea, and then decided to get another coffee for my three hour library study session, because I obviously didn’t have enough caffeine already. Caffeine will consume me (and my money) one day. Speaking of obsessions and so on, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with totes. My Noritake tote arrived a week ago. It was such a pain trying to find Noritake products online. I ended up ordering the tote from his own online shop and shipped it to Tenso, since Noritake only had domestic shipping, and Tenso directed the order to me. Cookie points to me for filling in the order form which was in Japanese. Professional much.

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