Meet­ing Rizell

26 June 2014

I final­ly met Rizell.

Today I final­ly met Rizell. It was weird cause we’ve talked but nev­er seen each oth­er and so today was the day we final­ly met. We first went to My Sweet Mem­o­ry and had waf­fles and green tea lattes which I was dying to try. They didn’t have pan­cakes which was weird cause I saw oth­er peo­ple Insta­gram their pan­cakes from My Sweet Mem­o­ry. The waf­fles were too sweet and I only realised the ice cream was sup­posed to be eat­en with the waf­fle togeth­er after I ate my waf­fle so that was kind of sad. We walked around and I want­ed to go to Glue because there was this ‘noth­ing over $20’ clos­ing down sale I saw when I passed the store but it turns out it’s not even there any­more so we walked all the way back up to Kinoku­niya and I drew a lit­tle self­ie of myself with the ques­tion ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and my answer being ‘a piz­za top­ping’. My draw­ing is won­der­ful and I hope every­body sees it because it’s lit­er­al­ly a face on a piz­za and my face is the top­ping. It’s great.

With only 10 min­utes left, we walked from Kinoku­niya back down to Events Cin­e­mas and watched TFIOS. I read the book a cou­ple of years ago and it’s been one of my favourites since then. I admire John Green and I think he’s a great author so hav­ing this nov­el turn into a film was real­ly excit­ing for me. I think the film did the nov­el jus­tice and some scenes were as I imag­ined them in my head when I read the book. Heard some peo­ple behind us snif­fle. The nov­el was sad­der in my opin­ion.

We then went to buy bread and head­ed to Star­bucks where I ordered an iced hazel­nut mac­chi­a­to. I for­got to mix the drink so all the syrup and cof­fee were sep­a­rat­ed since I thought it looked nice. Nev­er had a drink like that before so at first I thought it was just real­ly sweet and by the time there was noth­ing left but the actu­al cof­fee bit which was brown, I realised I should have mixed the drink. Stu­pid me. It was real­ly nice though. Tak­ing Snapchats in Star­bucks is actu­al­ly pret­ty awk­ward because every­body sees you hold­ing your phone up. Nobody real­ly cared though. At least I didn’t notice any­one judge us.

After feel­ing kind of awk­ward at Star­bucks, we head­ed to Dar­ling Har­bour where we saw a mas­sive blow-up slide which I haven’t been on since I was a real­ly young kid, and also an ice skat­ing rink. Bumped into a famil­iar face, Lisa, which was sur­pris­ing and odd because she noticed and recog­nised me despite not hav­ing seen me for around 2 or 3 years. I think I called her Lily instead of Lisa at first because she looks like anoth­er per­son called Lily and I got the two mixed up. Whoops. We then walked around and got super tired so we head­ed back to Cen­tral sta­tion which kind of killed me because my legs were already dead by then.

It was a great day and final­ly get­ting to meet Rizell was awe­some and I hope we meet again.

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