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    Meeting Rizell

    26 June 2014

    I finally met Rizell.

    Today I finally met Rizell. It was weird cause we’ve talked but never seen each other and so today was the day we finally met. We first went to My Sweet Memory and had waffles and green tea lattes which I was dying to try. They didn’t have pancakes which was weird cause I saw other people Instagram their pancakes from My Sweet Memory. The waffles were too sweet and I only realised the ice cream was supposed to be eaten with the waffle together after I ate my waffle so that was kind of sad. We walked around and I wanted to go to Glue because there was this ‘nothing over $20’ closing down sale I saw when I passed the store but it turns out it’s not even there anymore so we walked all the way back up to Kinokuniya and I drew a little selfie of myself with the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and my answer being ‘a pizza topping’. My drawing is wonderful and I hope everybody sees it because it’s literally a face on a pizza and my face is the topping. It’s great.

    With only 10 minutes left, we walked from Kinokuniya back down to Events Cinemas and watched TFIOS. I read the book a couple of years ago and it’s been one of my favourites since then. I admire John Green and I think he’s a great author so having this novel turn into a film was really exciting for me. I think the film did the novel justice and some scenes were as I imagined them in my head when I read the book. Heard some people behind us sniffle. The novel was sadder in my opinion.

    We then went to buy bread and headed to Starbucks where I ordered an iced hazelnut macchiato. I forgot to mix the drink so all the syrup and coffee were separated since I thought it looked nice. Never had a drink like that before so at first I thought it was just really sweet and by the time there was nothing left but the actual coffee bit which was brown, I realised I should have mixed the drink. Stupid me. It was really nice though. Taking Snapchats in Starbucks is actually pretty awkward because everybody sees you holding your phone up. Nobody really cared though. At least I didn’t notice anyone judge us.

    After feeling kind of awkward at Starbucks, we headed to Darling Harbour where we saw a massive blow-up slide which I haven’t been on since I was a really young kid, and also an ice skating rink. Bumped into a familiar face, Lisa, which was surprising and odd because she noticed and recognised me despite not having seen me for around 2 or 3 years. I think I called her Lily instead of Lisa at first because she looks like another person called Lily and I got the two mixed up. Whoops. We then walked around and got super tired so we headed back to Central station which kind of killed me because my legs were already dead by then.

    It was a great day and finally getting to meet Rizell was awesome and I hope we meet again.

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