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    Tomor­row Turned Into Yes­ter­day

    28 June 2014

    Explor­ing places.

    After not see­ing Reed for near­ly 5 months (appar­ent­ly) I final­ly caught up with him yes­ter­day. Despite being extreme­ly exhaust­ed the day before, hav­ing wan­dered around the city for the whole day, I man­aged to wake up at 8:30. I arrived at the city too ear­ly so I went to Star­bucks and ordered a coconut loaf and a flat white. It was real­ly relax­ing at first because I sunk in the chair and browsed Insta­gram, but then I start­ed to get real­ly bored so I decid­ed to find Uniq­lo (which I nev­er did). I end­ed up going to Top­man for 1.5 hours which I have no idea how I man­aged to do. Reed final­ly came a long while after and we head­ed to Tom­n­toms and I ordered an Amer­i­cano for the first time. Been obsessed with black cof­fee late­ly. We then head­ed to Zara where I dropped my phone try­ing to take a pho­to for Insta­gram. That ded­i­ca­tion. There weren’t many things that caught my eye at Zara, espe­cial­ly being the broke per­son I am. Didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Reed but see­ing him after such a long time was nice.

    Pow­er-walk­ing to Cen­tral sta­tion was prob­a­bly one of the most exhaust­ing things I’ve done for a long time con­sid­er­ing I haven’t actu­al­ly done any sport since high school which was a year ago. Final­ly found Ani­ta amidst a crowd of seag­ulls and we head­ed to Sur­ry Hills to find The Para­mount Cof­fee Project which I want­ed to try because the pho­tos of it that I found on Insta­gram looked amaz­ing. The menu was extreme­ly strange, con­sid­er­ing there was one called ‘ugly dog’. I end­ed up order­ing ‘baked eggs’ because I had been crav­ing eggs for a while now. There were many things in the descrip­tion that I couldn’t deci­pher but I’m pret­ty sure there were toma­toes, sausages (that I thought were olives at first), and oth­er things. You put the eggs and oth­er things onto toast. It tast­ed real­ly nice. It’s been real­ly long since I’ve had some­thing like this so it was nice. Iron­i­cal­ly, I didn’t try their cof­fee because I already had two cof­fees. We then trekked it to a real­ly nice park where I got bit­ten by some evil insect on my neck. It’s swelling now and it looks like there’s an egg grow­ing on my neck. I loved the place. Not sure what kind of place it was before because there was a small hole next to the ramp and there was some­thing inside the dark. It was a great but exhaust­ing day but it feels nice to catch up with peo­ple I haven’t seen for a while and it’s def­i­nite­ly bet­ter than being stuck at home with absolute­ly noth­ing to do. (No actu­al­ly the newest episodes of Suits is out which I will watch straight after I upload this post.)

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