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    Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday

    28 June 2014

    Exploring places.

    After not seeing Reed for nearly 5 months (apparently) I finally caught up with him yesterday. Despite being extremely exhausted the day before, having wandered around the city for the whole day, I managed to wake up at 8:30. I arrived at the city too early so I went to Starbucks and ordered a coconut loaf and a flat white. It was really relaxing at first because I sunk in the chair and browsed Instagram, but then I started to get really bored so I decided to find Uniqlo (which I never did). I ended up going to Topman for 1.5 hours which I have no idea how I managed to do. Reed finally came a long while after and we headed to Tomntoms and I ordered an Americano for the first time. Been obsessed with black coffee lately. We then headed to Zara where I dropped my phone trying to take a photo for Instagram. That dedication. There weren’t many things that caught my eye at Zara, especially being the broke person I am. Didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Reed but seeing him after such a long time was nice.

    Power-walking to Central station was probably one of the most exhausting things I’ve done for a long time considering I haven’t actually done any sport since high school which was a year ago. Finally found Anita amidst a crowd of seagulls and we headed to Surry Hills to find The Paramount Coffee Project which I wanted to try because the photos of it that I found on Instagram looked amazing. The menu was extremely strange, considering there was one called ‘ugly dog’. I ended up ordering ‘baked eggs’ because I had been craving eggs for a while now. There were many things in the description that I couldn’t decipher but I’m pretty sure there were tomatoes, sausages (that I thought were olives at first), and other things. You put the eggs and other things onto toast. It tasted really nice. It’s been really long since I’ve had something like this so it was nice. Ironically, I didn’t try their coffee because I already had two coffees. We then trekked it to a really nice park where I got bitten by some evil insect on my neck. It’s swelling now and it looks like there’s an egg growing on my neck. I loved the place. Not sure what kind of place it was before because there was a small hole next to the ramp and there was something inside the dark. It was a great but exhausting day but it feels nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while and it’s definitely better than being stuck at home with absolutely nothing to do. (No actually the newest episodes of Suits is out which I will watch straight after I upload this post.)

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