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    5 July 2014

    Hillsong Conference 2014.

    This past week I attended Hillsong Conference. I skipped it last year because I was preparing for the HSC Trial exams. I’ve missed the experience and it felt great to rekindle that passion I had for God once again. It started on Monday afternoon with an amazing opening involving an ‘astronaut’ hanging from the top and an audience buzzing with excitement for what the entire week held for us all. Steven Furtick preached about removing the veil we all hide behind, that imperfections are what makes us who we are and there is no need for covering up ourselves in front of God. It was a great reminder that notwithstanding the fact that we live in a world filled with unrealistic expectations and surreal strives for perfection, there is something we all hold that is loved and cherished by God. It’s something I’ve inadvertently been aiming for, which has lead to a sense of hopelessness and failure because it’s such an unreachable goal. This year was my first time delegating. All the previous years, I went to Jam and it was horrendous for me and other people in my church who have also revealed how much they disliked it. Always good to know you’re not the only one suffering. So as a result of being a delegate, I attended masterclasses which were divided into three streams: Lead, Create or Help. I signed up for Lead but I also attended some Create classes.

    All of the classes were empowering and helped me gain a sense of belief in myself. It’s something I’ve lost over time and these classes provided me with motivation to do things beyond my own comfort zone by reaching out to people and showed what being a leader constitutes. I also attended Create classes like the ‘Sounds and Songs of an Album’. Joel Houston talked about how Oceans was created and the process in which it undertook. Originally the track wasn’t expected to be as successful as it is now (now being one of the most popular songs). It really shows how there are many things we cannot control but as long as we have faith, God will provide and create outcomes that extend beyond what we expect. This week was also a great opportunity to bond with people I haven’t really talked to before. I made new friends and talked more to people from my church. Hope nobody is sick of me yet because we basically see each other from 8:30 to 21:30. Talk about exhaustion. I slept until 13:30 today and I’m not apologising for anything. It’s also great to have people who share the same faith as you and walk the same journey of life with you, through the highs and lows, the challenges and obstacles as well as the sunny days. I haven’t felt so joyful and inspired in such a long time and it feels so great to have that burning passion for Christ in me once again. I cannot wait for next year’s Conference.

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