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    Casu­al Days

    24 August 2014

    New cloth­ing, facial care, and rainy days.

    It has been rain­ing non-stop this past week and I am extreme­ly hap­py about it. Apart from the ocean, I am absolute­ly obsessed with the rain and if you’re judg­ing me then I don’t think we can be any­thing but ene­mies. I find delight in wak­ing up to gloomy skies and pour­ing rain. I enjoy mak­ing cof­fee whilst lis­ten­ing to the rain pour out­side and drip from the edges of the roof. The lit­tle diag­o­nal speck­les in the sky are so much fun to watch. The only thing I dis­like about the rain is prob­a­bly when it goes away. I nev­er under­stood the lit­tle ‘rain, rain, go away, come again anoth­er day’ thing because I adore the rain more than the scorch­ing hot sun that makes me want to peel off my skin and tele­port into the cen­ter of an ice­berg.

    So any­way, this week I’ve been work­ing on my crim­i­nal assign­ment (jokes, I start­ed yes­ter­day and am strug­gling so much I should have read these cas­es way ear­li­er). But as usu­al, life has been absolute­ly chaot­ic and I guess I’ve just been try­ing to find the light this week.

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