Thank God it’s Fri­day (and My Birth­day)

8 August 2014

My 19th birth­day.

Birth­days have always been one of those days in the year where I’ve nev­er real­ly antic­i­pat­ed or pre­pared for but am extreme­ly excit­ed about the day before it actu­al­ly hap­pens, and when it final­ly hits you that you’ve just turned a year old­er and you can tell oth­ers that you’re ‘that age’ every­thing feels dis­lo­cat­ed and brand new. Maybe it’s just me. Today I woke up to a gloomy, driz­zly sky, which is actu­al­ly my favourite kinds of weath­er. I am pecu­liar­ly obsessed with the rain and gloomy clouds hang­ing in the sky so after hav­ing a few weeks straight of pure sun­shine, this change was real­ly refresh­ing. I had a crim­i­nal tuto­r­i­al in the morn­ing and I was already feel­ing slight­ly hyper about the fact that I’m actu­al­ly nine­teen now. Appar­ent­ly, accord­ing to my par­ents, the time I walked out of that crim­i­nal tuto­r­i­al was when I was born nine­teen years ago. Lit­er­al­ly being reborn again. Thank God it’s Fri­day (and my birth­day.)

We met at Arisun and sur­pris­ing­ly our table was out­side because we had too many peo­ple. It felt real­ly weird because it was out in the open and every­body who walked past kind of gave stares or stayed around to look at the menus placed on our table. I have per­son­al space issues and this wasn’t assist­ing in any way. But even­tu­al­ly I got used to it and we had a real­ly fun time chat­ting about all sorts of things and had real­ly good fried chick­en (and oth­er Kore­an food that I didn’t try because I had a filled stom­ach from my big lunch). My friend gave me a Yugioh card and it’s real­ly spark­ly so I can only assume it’s valu­able. We head­ed to Mar­ket City where we bumped into a famil­iar face and then car­ried on with play­ing Bishi Bashi which is the epit­o­me of what a love/hate rela­tion­ship real­ly is. It’s actu­al­ly more fun when you’re watch­ing oth­er peo­ple play because they get so stressed out and their hands end up all red from slam­ming the but­tons.

P.s. Thank you to all of you who sent me birth­day messages/greetings! They all con­tributed to my fab­u­lous nine­teenth (my last teen birth­day, ever!) You’re all won­der­ful.

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