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    Thank God it’s Friday (and My Birthday)

    8 August 2014

    My 19th birthday.

    Birthdays have always been one of those days in the year where I’ve never really anticipated or prepared for but am extremely excited about the day before it actually happens, and when it finally hits you that you’ve just turned a year older and you can tell others that you’re ‘that age’ everything feels dislocated and brand new. Maybe it’s just me.¬†Today I woke up to a gloomy, drizzly sky, which is actually my favourite kinds of weather. I am peculiarly obsessed with the rain and gloomy clouds hanging in the sky so after having a few weeks straight of pure sunshine, this change was really refreshing. I had a criminal tutorial in the morning and I was already feeling slightly hyper about the fact that I’m actually nineteen now. Apparently, according to my parents, the time I walked out of that criminal tutorial was when I was born nineteen years ago. Literally being reborn again. Thank God it’s Friday (and my birthday.)

    We met at Arisun and surprisingly our table was outside because we had too many people. It felt really weird because it was out in the open and everybody who walked past kind of gave stares or stayed around to look at the menus placed on our table. I have personal space issues and this wasn’t assisting in any way. But eventually I got used to it and we had a really fun time chatting about all sorts of things and had really good fried chicken (and other Korean food that I didn’t try because I had a filled stomach from my big lunch). My friend gave me a Yugioh card and it’s really sparkly so I can only assume it’s valuable. We headed to Market City where we bumped into a familiar face and then carried on with playing Bishi Bashi which is the epitome of what a love/hate relationship really is. It’s actually more fun when you’re watching other people play because they get so stressed out and their hands end up all red from slamming the buttons.

    P.s. Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday messages/greetings! They all contributed to my fabulous nineteenth (my last teen birthday, ever!) You’re all wonderful.

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