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    To the Moon and Stars

    30 August 2014

    Hel­lo moon, are you lis­ten­ing?

    I’m the type to enjoy spend­ing time alone in emp­ty spaces with jammed thoughts. Peer­ing out my bed­room win­dow and spot­ting the moon hang­ing low from the ceil­ing of the sky fills me with an odd­ly sat­is­fy­ing grat­i­tude for being alive and exis­tent. It’s strange how some­thing eas­i­ly neglect­ed with such sim­plic­i­ty can be so ful­fill­ing at times of chaos and buzz. Moon-watch­ing is now an addi­tion to my small list of per­pet­u­al fas­ci­na­tions (includ­ing the rain and oceans). The list keeps grow­ing. I’ve been mak­ing an attempt at being stu­dious recent­ly and sur­pris­ing­ly it’s been work­ing out well. I’ve also been able to wake up ear­li­er than usu­al (some­times I sud­den­ly wake up at 5am and it’s the best feel­ing ever because it’s been rain­ing late­ly and open­ing your eyes to a eerie dark room with the sound of pour­ing rain is absolute­ly grat­i­fy­ing). Wish­ing for slow­er and kinder days because the present is way too dra­mat­ic for my lazy soul. Dead­lines, dead­lines and more dead­lines are all I have.

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