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    A Lit­tle Catchup

    15 November 2014

    Things are get­ting bet­ter.

    The stress­ful days are final­ly over. All of my assess­ments are over for now, mark­ing the end of my first year at law school. This is both excit­ing and strange because I still remem­ber dis­tinct­ly the first week of start­ing uni­ver­si­ty. It was extreme­ly daunt­ing. It sur­pris­es me how much I’ve changed and how easy it is to adapt to new envi­ron­ments. Before it all comes tum­bling down again when uni­ver­si­ty resumes next year, I’m going to cher­ish the break and vis­it nice places, read good books and catch up on my favourite shows. The thought of 2015 almost arriv­ing also scares me because time has lit­er­al­ly flown by so quick­ly. Christ­mas is in a month’s time and for some rea­son I’m excit­ed about Christ­mas this year. I’ve nev­er been one to look for­ward to spe­cial occa­sions, includ­ing my own birth­day, so for me to be this keen for Christ­mas is some­thing dif­fer­ent. Also, my anx­i­ety-filled days are less­en­ing, even though I still get para­noid over mean­ing­less things. I hope this sum­mer break will cure it.

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    • I love Christ­mas too puts hope in the air 🙂

    • ITS ME, I’ve made it big every­one, I would like to thank my mum, my dad, my friends …

    • Yay! Con­grat­u­la­tions on com­plet­ing all of your assess­ments! A nice, relax­ing Sum­mer for you is def­i­nite­ly well deserved after a stress­ful year. Enjoy your relax­ation, and reju­ve­nate for next year! I can’t believe Christ­mas is in just one more month! I’m kind of dread­ing it myself!

    • Yes, let’s do hope the sum­mer break shrouds us with more repose. I wish you all the best with law school, that’s some tough stuff! You’ll make it, Jef­frey. I’d love to see how you cel­e­brate Christ­mas when it draws near, as I myself don’t get too fes­tive.

      • We don’t real­ly cel­e­brate it either but this year I’m just feel­ing real­ly fes­tive.

    • hav­ing gone through some of your posts, i’m absolute­ly lov­ing your pho­tos. also, con­grats on being done with first year! i wish my uni year was end­ing as well, haha, although it’ll be strange being done with uni. off the record, i’m quite excit­ed for christ­mas as well, but won’t be admit­ting that before it’s decem­ber.. soon though! x