Mean­der­ing Minds

18 December 2014

Books and rain.

Rain and gloomy light cloud my room and so I lay in bed flick­ing through rus­tic pages and let my thoughts drown deep in an ocean of pen­sive­ness. I stop try­ing to con­nect with the world and let my mind mean­der in deep­er, qui­eter places. The noise around me seems to soft­en.

  • Your pho­tos are always so thought pro­vok­ing. I always seem to find myself pon­der­ing things I hadn’t giv­en much thought, in more depth when I read your blog posts. <3

  • What are you read­ing?

  • Such gor­geous pho­tographs, I love the first one espe­cial­ly!

  • dreamy pho­tos, Jef­frey! I love it.