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    24 December 2014

    Com­fort to the soul.

    This is a tiny glimpse into my slight­ly tran­quil, slight­ly mun­dane life. I’ve been read­ing quite a lot of books late­ly, main­ly The Maze Run­ner series. I’ve tak­en one day to read each book and am cur­rent­ly on the fourth book. It only just struck me that I’ve reached the end of the series already after read­ing the third book because the fourth book focus­es on how The Flare came about. I’m, quite frankly, not entire­ly hap­py with the end­ing because it ren­ders the entire strug­gle encap­su­lat­ed in the first two books some­what futile because there is ulti­mate­ly no cure. I’m way too attached to the series. Yes­ter­day I watched Inter­stel­lar with my fam­i­ly and I was only able to think about how good The Scorch Tri­als would be next year. I lit­er­al­ly am on the edge of my seat for The Fever Code book com­ing out in 2016. I’ll be in my third year of law school by then. But, as I have already observed, time flies incred­i­bly fast so it’ll be here before I get the chance to blink.

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    • These pho­tos are so relax­ing!

      Have a great Christ­mas,

    • Brook­ies are a great cook­ie to try! 

      Mer­ry Christ­mas,
      NIK­JAMESS | Fash­ion & Lifestyle

      • Def­i­nite­ly must try them! Mer­ry Christ­mas to you too! 🙂

    • these pho­tos are so nice!

      xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    • In some strange way I loved your pho­tos that you show on this blog. There are Christ­mas, so I hope you like good pho­tog­ra­phy.

    • def­i­nite­ly read the rest of the great gats­by! such a great book

    • Love these glimpses of your tran­quil­i­ty. ^_^ My school­ing has flown by quite quick­ly just like yours, I’m in my third year as well and one more to go! I’ll have to check out the book series you’ve men­tioned, they sound real­ly cap­ti­vat­ing, and I’ve been look­ing for a good, new series. I fin­ished a series called The Strain by Guiller­mo Del Toro a few months back, it’s a bit of a sci-fi hor­ror, but it was so enthralling!

    • eni

      this is love­ly

    • These pho­tographs are won­der­ful! I love your min­i­mal sen­si­bil­i­ty.