She Stood Silent­ly

18 January 2015

A place only we know about.


I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, moun­tains, trees, peo­ple. I thought, “This is what it is to be hap­py.” — Sylvia Plath

Every­thing is so calm and gen­tle. Green and blue blend into one anoth­er as the sun kiss­es the ripped water. There is a soft breeze. Our feet are cov­ered in sand. Our half squint­ed eyes mean­der across the scape, into the dis­tance. For a moment I think the world has stopped, or maybe it did.

Some Suggestions

  • beau­ti­ful, J. and that’s one of my favorite quote 🙂

  • I adore how you are so keen to ana­logue pho­tog­ra­phy! As an avid film lover mysef, I thor­ough­ly enjoy your posts.

  • This is so beau­ti­ful! What a serene moment. Just love when the world can stop for you, even if it’s just a moment. ^__^

  • such an amaz­ing pho­tos. i feel calm just look­ing at them!

  • this is so love­ly. like you’ve tak­en pic­tures of a fairy tale.

  • Oh, such a love­ly post.

  • so beau­ti­ful!

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  • these pic­tures are so del­i­cate, I love all of them <3 they caught my heart

  • This reminds me of one of my favourite song lyrics,
    ‘We’re all wait­ing
    For the world to stop rotat­ing’
    and I think there’s tru­ly noth­ing more beau­ti­ful than shar­ing a frozen moment in time, with some­one dear to you.

  • all so qui­et..