Sum­mer Sun­shine

7 January 2015

12th roll of film.

The trees are bright green with orange hues cast by the bril­liant sun. We mean­der in a large cir­cle and admire the world around us. It’s seem­ing­ly qui­et but nature is singing to us. The water glis­tens gen­tly and wel­com­ing­ly and ducks swim slow­ly. I set­tle for a healthy lunch and con­tin­ued to walk around short­ly after fin­ish­ing my first Bloody Mary. With the spici­ness still tin­gling in my mouth, we head to the woods and immerse our­selves in shel­ter from the heavy sun. The air is thick and dry but the wind blows heav­i­ly through the trees. The leaves crunch under our feet as we scur­ry along the woods.

Some Suggestions

  • Beau­ti­ful images, beau­ti­ful words. It’s fun­ny because that last pic­ture almost looks like it could have been tak­en here in Man­i­to­ba, but then I see those crazy palm trees 🙂

  • I love these pho­tos and read those words in rhythm!

  • Anony­mous

    I dis­cov­ered your blog a few days ago, and I LOVE it. Last night and the night before were spent binge read­ing your posts. I was so sad when I fin­ished read­ing all of them, so I’m glad I found a new post. Your pho­tos are amaz­ing, not to men­tion I’m in awe of your writ­ing. Many of your top­ics res­onate with me, and since I’m not good at putting my feel­ings into words, I appre­ci­ate the fact that you have this blog.

  • these pho­tos are so nice and bright. i love the way you write, it’s very refresh­ing.


  • Which film did you use in this pic? Love it! I just fol­lowed your blog 😀

  • You write beau­ti­ful­ly c: same as your pho­tog­ra­phy skills!
    I think the 2nd last one with the trees is my favorite pho­to!