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    Washed in Salt and Kissed by the Sun

    12 January 2015

    Everything is so perfect from far away.


    The waves wash my limbs with salt and the sun kisses my skin as it hovers heavily above me. The ocean and wind are violent but everything feels calm. People are laying down, taking in the sun, reading a book, listening to music, making sand castles, pushing one another into the water, dancing in the water, letting the ocean swallow them and spit them back out as another wave crashes against the light sand. I take in everything and sit there quietly in the semi-shade. We end up walking to the cliff edge with sore ankles and heavy breaths. The sand is so bright and all the clouds are faint. There is a foggy mist and I can’t see anything far, far away.

    All I see are silhouettes and a blue scene. I hear absolutely nothing but the wind in my ears and the waves crashing against the shore. The cliff is high and my feet are tired. We sit down and immerse ourselves in the tranquil nothingness of everything. The world is calm and I cherish it because fear it would slip away any moment. The moon hangs strangely in the daylight. I look down onto the beach once again in disbelief that we’ve walked so far. The pain hits me in the knees this time. Ant-sized humans are running around in the sun-washed sand. Everything is so perfect from far away.

    Some Suggestions

    • Really loving these photos, Jeffrey! I especially love the fireworks at the end. How lovely, hope you had a very Happy New Year so far. ^_^

    • I love how stormy and calm this place looks at the same time and your words that make them even more special. 🙂

    • Sea! It is so beautiful.

    • this is really beautiful!

    • the title for this blog post is on point, so as your photos! Really would like to collaborate with you someday!

    • :*