Washed in Salt and Kissed by the Sun

12 January 2015

Every­thing is so per­fect from far away.


The waves wash my limbs with salt and the sun kiss­es my skin as it hov­ers heav­i­ly above me. The ocean and wind are vio­lent but every­thing feels calm. Peo­ple are lay­ing down, tak­ing in the sun, read­ing a book, lis­ten­ing to music, mak­ing sand cas­tles, push­ing one anoth­er into the water, danc­ing in the water, let­ting the ocean swal­low them and spit them back out as anoth­er wave crash­es against the light sand. I take in every­thing and sit there qui­et­ly in the semi-shade. We end up walk­ing to the cliff edge with sore ankles and heavy breaths. The sand is so bright and all the clouds are faint. There is a fog­gy mist and I can’t see any­thing far, far away.

All I see are sil­hou­ettes and a blue scene. I hear absolute­ly noth­ing but the wind in my ears and the waves crash­ing against the shore. The cliff is high and my feet are tired. We sit down and immerse our­selves in the tran­quil noth­ing­ness of every­thing. The world is calm and I cher­ish it because fear it would slip away any moment. The moon hangs strange­ly in the day­light. I look down onto the beach once again in dis­be­lief that we’ve walked so far. The pain hits me in the knees this time. Ant-sized humans are run­ning around in the sun-washed sand. Every­thing is so per­fect from far away.

Some Suggestions

  • Real­ly lov­ing these pho­tos, Jef­frey! I espe­cial­ly love the fire­works at the end. How love­ly, hope you had a very Hap­py New Year so far. ^_^

  • I love how stormy and calm this place looks at the same time and your words that make them even more spe­cial. 🙂

  • Sea! It is so beau­ti­ful.

  • this is real­ly beau­ti­ful!

  • the title for this blog post is on point, so as your pho­tos! Real­ly would like to col­lab­o­rate with you some­day!

  • :*