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    Youth Road Trip

    1 March 2015

    Went on a road trip with some cool kids.

    Myself and a bunch of others from church decided to rekindle our summer camp joys by going on a little road trip before uni starts again. We started off by heading to The Entrance and grabbing something to bite. The sun was heavy and bright and my tongue tickled with dryness. Caves Beach welcomed us with calm waters and nothing but the breeze against our skin. The sand was soft and warm after soaking up the sun for half a day. We explored the place and climbed our way to the caves. The car rides were fun-filled. We sang along to tunes and had a long jam session to songs on our iPods. On the way back, we slowly became drowsy as our sleepiness overcame us and I drifted in and out of consciousness as the tunes continued to play and humming filled my ears. The windows were warm against my ear. The cars were zooming past us. The sun set slowly.

    Some Suggestions

    • Ah so peaceful, beautiful photos and video. Sounds like a wonderful time! 🙂

    • the capturing of human emotion and wonderful times like this is a beautiful thing. thank you for sharing because this just made my snowy day so much brighter.

    • looks like so much fun 😀

    • So much fun! there’s nothing better than a road trip!

    • the pictures are so amazing~ it really looked like you had a good time

      Sindy xx