He is Risen

6 April 2015

Hap­py East­er!


Good Fri­day kicked off with heavy rain and gloom but our hearts were ready for the word. After the Good Fri­day ser­vice we head­ed to Hin’s place for a pic­nic but the oth­ers arrived late so we wait­ed in the cold with bags of food and drinks in our hands and tapped our shoes against the wet con­crete. The wait became dread­ful­ly bor­ing and so we decid­ed to do a small pho­to­shoot with a cross equals love flag Clement made. The rain con­tin­ued to pour on the next day so I stayed at home to study.

Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day came along and I was struck by an excite­ment that kept me awake despite wak­ing up ear­ly in the morn­ing. We attend­ed the morn­ing and evening ser­vices but in between we played hide and seek at Luna Park but we end­ed up sit­ting in groups and melt­ed under the sun. The two ser­vices filled me with inde­scrib­able grat­i­tude and thank­ful­ness for what God has done and is doing for me and I walked away feel­ing renewed and hope­ful for what is noth­ing less than a great tomor­row.

Some Suggestions

  • these are so great. such beau­ti­ful peo­ple and col­ors, the excite­ment and fun just bleeds through the screen.
    Hap­py Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day.

  • Rufi­na

    I like the lay­out of this post and you have a great blog 🙂 keep going!