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    Marry That Girl

    20 May 2015

    When a wedding turns into a massive photoshoot for everyone.

    Of love, joy… and, well, suits. What? Weddings are one of those occasions that give us a chance to look our best. It’s basically the perfect excuse to dress up and be the fabulous person we all wish we really were just for one day. It’s a day where the phrase “on-point” gets thrown around as frequently as we make the bridal couple kiss each other. That is a lot.

    Dressing up has never been my forte. Of course, I enjoy styling myself on casual days but trench coats are as formal as I normally get so for me to relive my high school memories by wearing a tie and uncomfortable leather shoes, is just something entirely different. In hindsight, I’m noticing that I ended up looking like slender man with a face, but nobody pointed that out on the wedding day so here’s to hoping they won’t read this and laugh at me the next time I see them.

    Aside from criticising myself the entire day and mentally abusing myself, I had a lot of fun documenting everyone’s confidence in themselves. The break between the morning ceremony and the reception basically turned into one big photoshoot for everyone and people started whipping out their model poses (but thank God there were no Kylie Jenner pouts going on otherwise I would have turned off my camera.) I never realised how awkward and nerve-wracking posing in front of a camera is, especially when everybody is silent and staring at you as you try to make yourself look decent but also not entirely vain. And people assume models have perfect barbie lives.

    Some Suggestions

    • Haha, I always feel awkward in front of the camera. Love the colors in these photos 🙂

    • ah, a fall wedding with all those smiles. priceless. and that insecurity isn’t unusual? you look great.

    • Great blog and amazing photos. You have done a great job. 🙂

    • EMA

      These photos are so beautiful!


    • You are so handsome, Jeffrey! x