Mar­ry That Girl

20 May 2015

When a wed­ding turns into a mas­sive pho­to­shoot for every­one.

Of love, joy… and, well, suits. What? Wed­dings are one of those occa­sions that give us a chance to look our best. It’s basi­cal­ly the per­fect excuse to dress up and be the fab­u­lous per­son we all wish we real­ly were just for one day. It’s a day where the phrase “on-point” gets thrown around as fre­quent­ly as we make the bridal cou­ple kiss each oth­er. That is a lot.

Dress­ing up has nev­er been my forte. Of course, I enjoy styling myself on casu­al days but trench coats are as for­mal as I nor­mal­ly get so for me to relive my high school mem­o­ries by wear­ing a tie and uncom­fort­able leather shoes, is just some­thing entire­ly dif­fer­ent. In hind­sight, I’m notic­ing that I end­ed up look­ing like slen­der man with a face, but nobody point­ed that out on the wed­ding day so here’s to hop­ing they won’t read this and laugh at me the next time I see them.

Aside from crit­i­cis­ing myself the entire day and men­tal­ly abus­ing myself, I had a lot of fun doc­u­ment­ing everyone’s con­fi­dence in them­selves. The break between the morn­ing cer­e­mo­ny and the recep­tion basi­cal­ly turned into one big pho­to­shoot for every­one and peo­ple start­ed whip­ping out their mod­el pos­es (but thank God there were no Kylie Jen­ner pouts going on oth­er­wise I would have turned off my cam­era.) I nev­er realised how awk­ward and nerve-wrack­ing pos­ing in front of a cam­era is, espe­cial­ly when every­body is silent and star­ing at you as you try to make your­self look decent but also not entire­ly vain. And peo­ple assume mod­els have per­fect bar­bie lives.

Some Suggestions

  • Haha, I always feel awk­ward in front of the cam­era. Love the col­ors in these pho­tos 🙂

  • ah, a fall wed­ding with all those smiles. price­less. and that inse­cu­ri­ty isn’t unusu­al? you look great.

  • Great blog and amaz­ing pho­tos. You have done a great job. 🙂

  • EMA

    These pho­tos are so beau­ti­ful!

  • You are so hand­some, Jef­frey! x