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    23 May 2015

    Give me a damn break.

    It’s reached the point in the semester where exam periods are coming up but everything still seems to be moving slowly and my mind is telling me to do work but my body is refusing to do so. I guess I just need one big motivational push to get me going. This is partly due to the fact that I’ve been stressfully moving from one assignment to the next last month and now that things are finally going a tad slower, I’m just letting go of my productivity entirely. I just want to lay in bed all day and surf the Internet. Holidays, where are you?

    I’ve been wearing this way oversized coat for basically everyday this past week. Needless to say, it’s one of the warmest coats I own and the material makes it so much more comfortable. It also makes my shoulders look a little more broad. That’s a plus. Besides how much I can identify with being a burrito when I’m wearing it, the coat makes me feel like I’m doing something productive, which is quite the opposite to what is actually happening. Today I lazed around, dreading my endless readings and contemplating running off to the woods forever so I don’t have to do my exams that are just around the corner. I really need a break. Oh, this post just became one long rant.

    Some Suggestions

    • Good luck with your exams! Im sure you will go great x

    • Good luck with your exams! Im sure you will go great x

    • viktoria

      amazing photos! just discovered your blog and love it! followed you


    • I love over-sized anything! So cozy, and easy. You don’t really have to think about it. I enjoy over-sized sweaters personally. I’m feeling the same way; I’ve been so unmotivated and would really just like to lay around and not do anything. I have a long weekend this week and instead of anything productive, I’ve laid in bed until about noon on my phone. :/ Good luck, hope you find the energy and motivation soon!

    • fixatedfaiyaz

      thanks for checking my blog out. really enjoy yours too!


    • Glamoury armory

      Hi there, what a great blog you have, keep up the great work. Great pictures such a great style and good luck with all the exams.

      Glamoury Armory Blog

    • yes yes!
      a oversize coat or blazer is perfect for skinny 🙂


    • Albert Wijaya

      Burrito! Hahaha you’re funny.

      Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

    • A good coat should have the ‘burrito’ effect!

      Mr Essentialist

    • Hopefully it all eases up soon and you get that break! I don’t miss studying that’s for sure. Loving the coat, I would love a nice comfy oversized one. x


    • I hope it’s all over with, and you’re having that holiday you need. that coat is awesome! x

    • Haha at my mind telling me to do work and body refusing to. Sounds like the story of my life. Thanks for sharing and please check out the latest interview with Stardust Bohemian. She is one cool lady.

      Eye See Euphoria | http://eyeseeeuphoria.com/post/eye-adore-stardust-bohemian

    • Good luck with your exams! I just had mine – which would be in comparison, nothing – the resulting freedom feels wonderful. Hopefully you get that due break soon.
      Also, I see some experimentation with self-portraits. Being good with the camera is one thing, but having yourself look natural in front of it is another. How do you do it? (I mean, what is this sorcery?)

    • love your story, goodluck with your exams 🙂


    • Beauty Follower

      Nice coffee picture!


    • I can relate to this so well. Just handed in my last law assignment last week & even though exams are next week, I’m just sitting here surfing the net & drinking copious amounts of coffee. Bring on those holidays! Love the coat btw, looks great.

      TFM BLOG

    • Dressed With Soul

      Cool look! Wish you many luck …

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      and now I want to ask if you want to follow each other?


    • Matthias Cornilleau

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