Time Out

23 May 2015

Give me a damn break.

It’s reached the point in the semes­ter where exam peri­ods are com­ing up but every­thing still seems to be mov­ing slow­ly and my mind is telling me to do work but my body is refus­ing to do so. I guess I just need one big moti­va­tion­al push to get me going. This is part­ly due to the fact that I’ve been stress­ful­ly mov­ing from one assign­ment to the next last month and now that things are final­ly going a tad slow­er, I’m just let­ting go of my pro­duc­tiv­i­ty entire­ly. I just want to lay in bed all day and surf the Inter­net. Hol­i­days, where are you?

I’ve been wear­ing this way over­sized coat for basi­cal­ly every­day this past week. Need­less to say, it’s one of the warmest coats I own and the mate­r­i­al makes it so much more com­fort­able. It also makes my shoul­ders look a lit­tle more broad. That’s a plus. Besides how much I can iden­ti­fy with being a bur­ri­to when I’m wear­ing it, the coat makes me feel like I’m doing some­thing pro­duc­tive, which is quite the oppo­site to what is actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing. Today I lazed around, dread­ing my end­less read­ings and con­tem­plat­ing run­ning off to the woods for­ev­er so I don’t have to do my exams that are just around the cor­ner. I real­ly need a break. Oh, this post just became one long rant.

Some Suggestions

  • Good luck with your exams! Im sure you will go great x

  • Good luck with your exams! Im sure you will go great x

  • vik­to­ria

    amaz­ing pho­tos! just dis­cov­ered your blog and love it! fol­lowed you

  • I love over-sized any­thing! So cozy, and easy. You don’t real­ly have to think about it. I enjoy over-sized sweaters per­son­al­ly. I’m feel­ing the same way; I’ve been so unmo­ti­vat­ed and would real­ly just like to lay around and not do any­thing. I have a long week­end this week and instead of any­thing pro­duc­tive, I’ve laid in bed until about noon on my phone. :/ Good luck, hope you find the ener­gy and moti­va­tion soon!

  • fix­at­ed­faiyaz

    thanks for check­ing my blog out. real­ly enjoy yours too!

  • Glam­oury armory

    Hi there, what a great blog you have, keep up the great work. Great pic­tures such a great style and good luck with all the exams. 

    Glam­oury Armory Blog

  • yes yes!
    a over­size coat or blaz­er is per­fect for skin­ny 🙂

  • Albert Wijaya

    Bur­ri­to! Haha­ha you’re fun­ny.

    Best, Albert | Palm­ing Peb­bles

  • A good coat should have the ‘bur­ri­to’ effect!

    Mr Essen­tial­ist

  • Hope­ful­ly it all eas­es up soon and you get that break! I don’t miss study­ing that’s for sure. Lov­ing the coat, I would love a nice com­fy over­sized one. x

  • I hope it’s all over with, and you’re hav­ing that hol­i­day you need. that coat is awe­some! x

  • Haha at my mind telling me to do work and body refus­ing to. Sounds like the sto­ry of my life. Thanks for shar­ing and please check out the lat­est inter­view with Star­dust Bohemi­an. She is one cool lady. 

    Eye See Eupho­ria |

  • Good luck with your exams! I just had mine — which would be in com­par­i­son, noth­ing — the result­ing free­dom feels won­der­ful. Hope­ful­ly you get that due break soon.
    Also, I see some exper­i­men­ta­tion with self-por­traits. Being good with the cam­era is one thing, but hav­ing your­self look nat­ur­al in front of it is anoth­er. How do you do it? (I mean, what is this sor­cery?)

  • love your sto­ry, good­luck with your exams 🙂

  • Beau­ty Fol­low­er

    Nice cof­fee pic­ture!

  • I can relate to this so well. Just hand­ed in my last law assign­ment last week & even though exams are next week, I’m just sit­ting here surf­ing the net & drink­ing copi­ous amounts of cof­fee. Bring on those hol­i­days! Love the coat btw, looks great.


  • Dressed With Soul

    Cool look! Wish you many luck …

    Many thanks for your warm com­ment on my blog. You have a fas­ci­nat­ing blog
    and now I want to ask if you want to fol­low each oth­er?

  • Matthias Cornil­leau

    Your pic­tures are enchant­i­ng ! <3