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    Winter Wears

    11 May 2015

    Some winter essentials.

    Here are a handful of simplistic items I gathered in preparation for the winter season just around the corner. It is a collection of reserved, quiet patterns and textures that represent the coolness of the winter breeze early in the morning. Dull colours have been my ultimate go-to this year as the days have become significantly cooler, heavily influenced by the gloomy days from a few weeks ago when torrential rain hit Sydney for almost an entire week. It was even a struggle driving to university; the fog, heavy rain and strong winds combined were working completely against me. Despite this, I still enjoyed it more than the sun. I guess I really do have issues.

    Winter is my favourite season of the year. It is a time for warm cups of coffee, feet tucked under wrinkled sheets, book flicking, candles, dark mornings, dusty windowsills, and sighings. The cold and gloomy weather brings me so much joy, which, when I think about it, is actually pretty strange. The photographed sweater is one I discovered a few weeks ago when I was trying to battle the strong winds by purchasing something seemingly warm. This sweater did it for me. It has a furry texture on the inside and a simplistic pattern scattered all over a plain dark grey background. It’s literally everything I look for in a sweater. Pairing it with this pair of Oscar Wylee Winston frames, it gives off a subtle intelligence that is very casual and laid-back. It is not attention-seeking, it does not demand to be seen, but it is there. For me, that’s the key to pairing items that bring a sense of unity whilst also slightly clashing with one another.

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