Core Neces­si­ties

14 June 2015

The basic essen­tials I use or car­ry around with me on a dai­ly basis.

Have you ever been asked what you would take with you if your house was on fire? Well, here are some of the things I would grab before run­ning out the door. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t take my lip balm but I sure as hell am not leav­ing my film cam­eras (also known as my babies) behind. I’d prob­a­bly slip my Bleu de Chanel in my pock­et too while I’m at it.

This is just a post to let you all know I am still alive. I am well aware I haven’t blogged since late May and it’s because exam sea­son is here. I have been cram­ming for torts non-stop and lord help me while I try to con­dense my 80+ pages of notes (60k+ words) into one sin­gle A4 sheet. The strug­gle is real. It’s cur­rent­ly 3:40 in the morn­ing and I can hear my par­ents snor­ing. I’ll prob­a­bly wake in 2 or 3 hours again to study for the whole day again. Where is this ener­gy com­ing from and am I going delu­sion­al yet? I guess I’ll find out when I’ve rest­ed myself and read through this post again; but until next time, enjoy these core essen­tials of mine.


Midori Traveler’s note­book
Prospec­tor Co facial scrub
Bleu de Chanel cologne
Grown Alchemist lip balm
Daniel Welling­ton watch
Olym­pus Trip 35
Oscar Wylee frames

Some Suggestions

  • Albert Wijaya

    Great all black every­day essen­tials! 🙂

    Best, Albert | Palm­ing Peb­bles

  • vik­to­ria


  • I always love your atten­tion to detail Jef­frey. Exams are always stress­ful and add a weight to the things you want to do. Com­ing from a fel­low school­mate; don’t apol­o­gize for not blog­ging. Life (exams) hap­pen and read­ers under­stand. 🙂 Hope­ful­ly you can get through exams quick­ly! Good luck! <3

  • So crisp — I love a good flat lay.

    Alexan­der @ Mr Essen­tial­ist

  • Rufi­na

    I’ve nev­er seen that Olym­pus cam­era mod­el! I love the style 🙂