Black on Black

10 August 2015

What more do you need besides a nice mono­chro­mat­ic watch to pair with every­thing?

Every­body needs a good hand­ful of basic ele­ments that they can just throw on and leave the house in less than 10 min­utes and still look like they’ve made an effort (sto­ry of my life). This watch, kind­ly sent to me by Fjord Time­pieces, does just that. I could lit­er­al­ly put on a plain white tee with black chi­nos then wear this watch and call it an out­fit. Bless min­i­mal­ism and its deriv­a­tives — mak­ing lazy people’s lives so much eas­i­er. Hon­est­ly though, the more I look at my watch the more mes­merised I become. I’m com­plete­ly obsessed with it. The good news is, you can get one your­self, too. Just quote ‘Jef­frey’ on Fjord Time­pieces’ web­site and receive 30% off all of their prod­ucts.


Fjord time­piece
Sun­day Some­where frames
Grown Alchemist hydra mist
Bleu de Chanel cologne
Top­man neck­lace

Some Suggestions

  • Sim­plic­i­ty is key and here at it’s finest! Fab essen­tials! Great sense of style you have, Jef­frey!


  • vik­to­ria

    per­fect details

  • vik­to­ria

    per­fect details