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    1 August 2015

    A little recount of my July 2015.

    This month has been much about relaxation and recuperation from the turmoils of last month (i.e. exams). July started off with a week of Hillsong Conference which was both encouraging and comforting. It was an absolutely God-filled time for me where I took a break from social media and substituted everything with an open heart for His voice. Quite honestly, despite the fact that I’ve lost a lot of followers on Instagram, it felt really good to take a break from social media and the busyness of everything and just be able to rest under the grace of God. When I say rest I don’t mean physically (I was sleep deprived and my mouth had terrible ulcer infections and basically everything was going wrong) but spiritually. The thing I love most about conference is how spiritually charged and empowered I become after the four days and five nights. It’s a place where we can lay everything down before God and take a moment to dedicate our time to Him, which we don’t often get the chance to do because we’re so busy with meeting deadlines, studying for exams, going to work, or just.. eating too many pizzas (me). And quite honestly I needed this five day break. I know I’m already on holidays but I just needed something to recharge me and allow me to recuperate.

    Some friends and I were in the creative stream and so we decided to head to the songwriting masterclass despite the fact that none of us wrote music to begin with. I decided to go because last year’s songwriting masterclass was interesting. They shared about the process of writing a few songs that are on high rotation at the moment and how important it was to align that process with the scripture. Their stories actually made me want to start creating music. It’s so inspiring to see that God can work through so many facets of creativity – photography, writing, music, everything. We also headed to the youth worship masterclass where the Young and Free team talked about their journey and the process of compiling a song list, their approach to leading and basically giving insight into the things we don’t see on the platform. It was so inspiring to see what goes on behind what we see. I’m a big fan of behind-the-scenes so to be able to hear them speak about how they got into the team and their individual stories was definitely a highlight.

    After Conference, I spent a week lazing around, watching TV shows (yes I have finished Sherlock, guys and it was amazing). I’ve also just finished Orphan Black and am completely obsessed. I think it’s actually become one of my new favourite shows. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now because I have severe withdrawal issues with fictional characters and storylines (it took me about two months to get over The Maze Runner when I finished reading the whole series), so. Wish me luck. Alongside all this TV binge watching, I was invited by Black Communications to attend a Ladurée event to celebrate Bastille Day. I grabbed my friend Geneve along and trekked it to the city in the morning. Needless to say I was dead and a little grumpy, but as soon as I saw the food I was cheered up again (that should be in my autobiography). It was exciting to see all these different influencers, and feel comfortable standing up to take a flat lay for once in public. Usually I’d try to avoid even putting my phone up above a table if I’m sipping coffee in public because stares are enough to give me a little anxiety shock, so I resolve to drinking my coffee, leaving and immediately regretting not snapping anything.

    The first week of uni is already over and I’m starting to realise there was still so much I wanted to do before this semester started, like a winter beach shoot. It’s always been on my to-do list but I’ve never been able to bring myself to do it. Well, I was going to two Fridays ago but we cancelled it because there were news articles warning us about ‘damaging winds’ and heavy rain, and I don’t think I would’ve appreciated being blown away by a gust of wind. Having said that, for some odd reason I was actually kind of keen to go back to uni. I know I’m a workaholic and all but I normally dread going back to uni, so it’s a nice change to actually look forward to getting back into the intense routine with strict deadlines, etc.. My workload has increased, so instead of looking at photos all day and editing them, I’m back to staring a textbook and scratching my brains out. Fun times. I say I’m excited to go back to uni now but watch me complain relentlessly down the track when I start remembering how much stress and anxiety is involved in navigating this rough little journey called life. *sighs*

    Some Suggestions

    • Jeffrey! So glad that you were able to go to Conference and enjoy it. Spiritually refreshing or recharging is a beautiful thing; it’s great how it allows you to start fresh and carry what you took from the event with you to the more stressful parts of your life.

      I always want to take more flatlay photos, but I can’t stand the idea of people staring at me; I get that anxiety shock too. 🙁 So my pictures stay less than mediocre for the sake of saving myself embarrassment. lol. Your photos are seriously always lovely! I wish you the best of luck upon your return to school and studying again. It’s never easy to go back, but hang in there, you’re doing a great job! 🙂

    • Odydodif Todp

      Hi Jeffrey. Love your contents especially those photos.

    • Albert Wijaya

      Your month seems very well packed. Love to see more photos from you 🙂

      Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
      Palming Pebbles FB

    • First of all, the photos. You certainly have a gift of making things so lovely.
      Second, I’ve been through a lot like what you’re saying, and taking a little while off social media to just rest. Not just the body but also the mind, is so so good.
      Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    • PatrickJournal

      great pics

    • Noor

      Breathtaking! I loved every little detail .. Its just beautiful the way you edit your pictures!