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    18 August 2015

    14th roll of film: It’s all about the journey and process of navigating life. Sometimes you’ve just got to live for the sake of being alive.

    I recently developed a roll of film that sat in my Zenit-B since early this year and the memories that came flooding back as I looked at these photos were immense and overwhelming. I’ve always be fond of film photography – the feeling of the mechanic click of a shutter, the rusty viewfinder, and the surprises of viewing the developed photos. It makes me realise that the journey is so much more important than just a mere end result or a destination. The process is imbued with so much flavour and exciting dynamics that construct experiences and wisdom. It’s crazy to realise, sometimes, how quickly things can change; be it ourselves, others or the world around us. Everything is so interconnected and as the world evolves, so do we – and our mindsets towards life. I think life has slowly taught me to cherish the things that are elusive and constantly in a state of transformation. It’s the things that slip from your hand like grains of sand and the often unnoticed moments in life that has changed you as a person and opened your eyes a little wider to the greater things in life.

    Some Suggestions

    • Oh my word, this.
      That hits the nail on the head perfectly with film photography, so near and dear to those who know its little secrets. How much happiness it gives.
      These are so lovely.


    • Ah, your film is always so breathtaking. I would love your photos to hang on my walls! <3 <3 <3 So much talent Jeffrey! ^__^ Change is an amazing thing to witness isn't it?

    • Amber Baker

      This post is beautiful, and so true!

      Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Albert Wijaya

      Beautifully written! Agree with everything you write 🙂

      Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
      Palming Pebbles