• Photography

    Salted Summer

    5 August 2015

    14th roll of film: Summer road trip.

    Raw film capture of summer early this year (back around this time). It wasn’t exactly scorching hot and the breeze was gentle enough to push us along nicely as we strolled along the long beach and into the vast distance. The ocean was so blue and everybody was enjoying themselves. Presently the sun is showing itself more frequently, which I’m often opposed to because I love the rain and gloom, but I’ve actually been enjoying the golden rays recently. Something is changing and the heat is making me happy for once. I think this is a miracle. The warm temperature lately reminded me of these blissful times and now that uni has started again for me, I just want to jump into the ocean and wash all my worries away.

    Some Suggestions

    • I love the simplicity of color and lines here. Its so pleasing. Wonderful shots.

    • Mininuli

      Beautiful shots ♥