Far Worlds

8 September 2015

Per­pet­u­al­ly stuck in a day­dream.

I am a big, big day dream­er and so when­ev­er I get time to reflect or recu­per­ate from the busy­ness of every­thing, I zone out and let my mind go wild. It wan­ders to far worlds and dis­tant places so by the time I find my way back to real­i­ty, I’ve com­plete­ly lost track of time. My Char­l­ize Watch­es time­piece has been keep­ing me on track these days. Not only dur­ing my prop­er­ty assign­ment, which I can glad­ly say I have hand­ed in, but also day to day activ­i­ties. Time is mon­ey, time is gold.

Some Suggestions