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    Mode of Clar­i­ty

    16 September 2015

    Organ­i­sa­tion is the first step to achiev­ing clar­i­ty.

    I’m not sure about you, but I love it when my work­space is sparkling clean and I feel like I can con­quer the world. Organ­i­sa­tion, to me, is the first step to achiev­ing clar­i­ty. It’s the whole notion that less is more. I believe firm­ly that a hav­ing a space with zero dis­trac­tions can help you get on top of tasks that seem over­whelm­ing at the out­set. Home decor adds to that sim­plic­i­ty. I recent­ly caved in and (tem­porar­i­ly) sat­is­fied my home decor obses­sion. Thanks to Urban Out­fit­ters’ home sec­tion, I now have a room that smells like the woods and every­thing nature. #smellfetish


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    • An orga­nized work space is most def­i­nite­ly a great way to achieve clar­i­ty! I com­plete­ly agree; there’s just some­thing about hav­ing every­thing in an order­ly fash­ion that helps you to keep from becom­ing over­whelmed by every­thing else or your actu­al work­load, it’s a bit dif­fi­cult to explain, does that even make sense? lol (I tend to feel eas­i­ly over­whelmed by my work load some­times, and the orga­ni­za­tion and order­ly appear­ance of things helps ease that feel­ing for what­ev­er rea­son).

      Scents are amaz­ing for the mind and focus! I love things that smell nice (who doesn’t!?), I real­ly love mild clean scents, but I am a suck­er for cit­rus and fruity scents. I also like warm scents that are rem­i­nis­cent of baked goods. :3