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    September’s Silence

    30 September 2015

    A little recount of my September 2015.

    Does this blog width make my booty look big?

    Yes, I know! The images are wider and I’ve implemented a parallax effect on the header of blog posts. I’ve also made articles easier to access from the homepage with a grid format similar to Instagram. I hope you’ve fast net because I’ll be doing a lot more content-heavy posts from now on. This change was fuelled by a subconscious realisation of how important content is to a website sitting between personal and professional (how about per-fessional for now?)

    For so long I’ve been glaring in admiration (okay, more like jealousy) at other bloggers’ websites. Somehow everybody’s layout suited their content and personal style. I’ve been in and out Etsy searching for ‘simple layouts for WordPress’ for so long and had no hope of finding something that was 1) not so popular that everybody was using it already and 2) suited my style. It was a week night when I was procrastinating from property law that I stumbled across this one. Let’s just say I basically turned up to class the next day completely unprepared and sleep-deprived.

    It’s been a strange, strange month where deadlines have been aggressively overwhelming, but I’ve managed to somehow find tranquility between the gaps of stress and solidarity. But it’s been an absolute emotional rollercoaster. Things that shouldn’t have gone wrong did go wrong and unanticipated situations kept popping up as soon as I started getting comfortable. That’s life says the father at the dining table. I don’t know what I’m expecting now that I’ve entered adulthood (oh god) but responsibilities just seem absolutely foreign (and quite frankly need to exit my life).

    That’s the other thing. As soon as my mid-session break commenced, I fell sick. I guess that was my body telling me to stop sleeping at 3am, waking at 6am then buying too many Red Bulls from the uni convenience store. It’s almost become a habit for me to think that 2am is the new 12am. I mean they’ve both got a 2 in it so it must be the same, right? Literally my thought process in a sentence. So now, being 50% corpse and 50% unmotivated, I’ve been catching up on Suits and the newest season of How To Get Away With Murder and Greys Anatomy. While we’re at it, can we take a moment to consider the final scene of HTGAWM? Freakin’ Shonda and her plot twists (also god damn it McDreamy is McDead). If that was a spoiler for you, you probably don’t have Tumblr.

    Some Suggestions

    • Aw, hope you’re feeling better now and that classes are going well. And oh gosh, I absolutely love the new design (I’m so in love with the about page tbh)!

      • I’m so happy you like it! Hope you’ve been well yourself!

    • is that a giant acai bowl in the bottom center pic? it looks delicious! also great web design 🙂

      would love if you checked out my site as well!