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    September’s Silence

    30 September 2015

    A lit­tle recount of my Sep­tem­ber 2015.

    Does this blog width make my booty look big?

    Yes, I know! The images are wider and I’ve imple­ment­ed a par­al­lax effect on the head­er of blog posts. I’ve also made arti­cles eas­i­er to access from the home­page with a grid for­mat sim­i­lar to Insta­gram. I hope you’ve fast net because I’ll be doing a lot more con­tent-heavy posts from now on. This change was fuelled by a sub­con­scious real­i­sa­tion of how impor­tant con­tent is to a web­site sit­ting between per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al (how about per-fes­sion­al for now?)

    For so long I’ve been glar­ing in admi­ra­tion (okay, more like jeal­ousy) at oth­er blog­gers’ web­sites. Some­how everybody’s lay­out suit­ed their con­tent and per­son­al style. I’ve been in and out Etsy search­ing for ‘sim­ple lay­outs for Word­Press’ for so long and had no hope of find­ing some­thing that was 1) not so pop­u­lar that every­body was using it already and 2) suit­ed my style. It was a week night when I was pro­cras­ti­nat­ing from prop­er­ty law that I stum­bled across this one. Let’s just say I basi­cal­ly turned up to class the next day com­plete­ly unpre­pared and sleep-deprived.

    It’s been a strange, strange month where dead­lines have been aggres­sive­ly over­whelm­ing, but I’ve man­aged to some­how find tran­quil­i­ty between the gaps of stress and sol­i­dar­i­ty. But it’s been an absolute emo­tion­al roller­coast­er. Things that shouldn’t have gone wrong did go wrong and unan­tic­i­pat­ed sit­u­a­tions kept pop­ping up as soon as I start­ed get­ting com­fort­able. That’s life says the father at the din­ing table. I don’t know what I’m expect­ing now that I’ve entered adult­hood (oh god) but respon­si­bil­i­ties just seem absolute­ly for­eign (and quite frankly need to exit my life).

    That’s the oth­er thing. As soon as my mid-ses­sion break com­menced, I fell sick. I guess that was my body telling me to stop sleep­ing at 3am, wak­ing at 6am then buy­ing too many Red Bulls from the uni con­ve­nience store. It’s almost become a habit for me to think that 2am is the new 12am. I mean they’ve both got a 2 in it so it must be the same, right? Lit­er­al­ly my thought process in a sen­tence. So now, being 50% corpse and 50% unmo­ti­vat­ed, I’ve been catch­ing up on Suits and the newest sea­son of How To Get Away With Mur­der and Greys Anato­my. While we’re at it, can we take a moment to con­sid­er the final scene of HTGAWM? Freakin’ Shon­da and her plot twists (also god damn it McDreamy is McDead). If that was a spoil­er for you, you prob­a­bly don’t have Tum­blr.

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    • Aw, hope you’re feel­ing bet­ter now and that class­es are going well. And oh gosh, I absolute­ly love the new design (I’m so in love with the about page tbh)!

      • I’m so hap­py you like it! Hope you’ve been well your­self!

    • is that a giant acai bowl in the bot­tom cen­ter pic? it looks deli­cious! also great web design 🙂

      would love if you checked out my site as well!