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    3 September 2015

    Simple and stripped back.

    When it comes to the mundane everyday outfits, I’m an absolute fan of the casual white tee and the comfortable oversized style. ASOS has been my go to place for everything monochromatic that’s comfortable but doesn’t make it seem like I’ve just rolled out of bed (I actually did sleep in these pants the night before, whoops). And while we’re talking about it, I need to just mention that I might actually live off these jogger pants for the rest of my life and never wear trousers that have zippers and belt loops ever again.


    ASOS Oversized Tee
    ASOS Jogger Pants
    ASOS Leather Bracelet
    Breda Watch

    P.s. This is the first style file post of this website!
    Here’s to many more menswear and fashion related posts in the future.

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