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    Get it Done

    7 October 2015

    When practicability and aesthetics seem mutually exclusive.

    It’s the ‘I don’t care how you do it, just get it done’ mentality of getting your hands dirty and not giving a damn about how rugged you end up looking. Sometimes looking good and getting the job done is completely, and disappointingly, mutually exclusive (unless you’re Beyoncé). But we all know we don’t have those legs, nor her vocal abilities so let’s resort to something a little more reserved but practical. It’s a fact, life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes. The things you want are so distantly far and the things that purportedly don’t have any sort of function in your life somehow falls under your skill set. I can twist my hand 360 degrees and bend my thumb to reach my wrist, but I can’t really use those party tricks to get someone to hire me, can I? Sometimes it all just comes down to finding something that suits you. It’s the be yourself because you’re the best version of you puke-worthy argument (which unfortunately holds an element of truth).

    I may have digressed a little, but you get the point. Although the task of finding something that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing (in a world where a normal-looking handbag with a designer badge on it can cost a semester’s worth of tuition fees) seems absolutely onerous, there are a handful out there who are striving to break those barriers and are introducing commodities that don’t punch a hole in your wallet and make your bank account cry. Today I’m introducing you to one of them.

    So imagine my sense of joy when I realise there is a backpack I can throw in my numerous packets of potato chips, laptop, textbooks and/or monster-sized DSLR (if I’m feeling daring) and not be eating chip crumbs off the bottom of my bag by the end of the day because they’ve exploded everywhere. Adventures are meant to be rugged, explored and mindless. It’s all about the experience and what better way to do it than to be absolutely worry free and free-spirited.

    Shot by yours truly and my trusty (but also rusty) tripod.


    ONA Nylon Camps Bay backpack
    Larsson & Jennings watch
    G2000 sweatshirt
    Good ol’ chinos
    Converse boots

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