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    7 October 2015

    When prac­ti­ca­bil­i­ty and aes­thet­ics seem mutu­al­ly exclu­sive.

    It’s the ‘I don’t care how you do it, just get it done’ men­tal­i­ty of get­ting your hands dirty and not giv­ing a damn about how rugged you end up look­ing. Some­times look­ing good and get­ting the job done is com­plete­ly, and dis­ap­point­ing­ly, mutu­al­ly exclu­sive (unless you’re Bey­on­cé). But we all know we don’t have those legs, nor her vocal abil­i­ties so let’s resort to some­thing a lit­tle more reserved but prac­ti­cal. It’s a fact, life just doesn’t seem fair some­times. The things you want are so dis­tant­ly far and the things that pur­port­ed­ly don’t have any sort of func­tion in your life some­how falls under your skill set. I can twist my hand 360 degrees and bend my thumb to reach my wrist, but I can’t real­ly use those par­ty tricks to get some­one to hire me, can I? Some­times it all just comes down to find­ing some­thing that suits you. It’s the be your­self because you’re the best ver­sion of you puke-wor­thy argu­ment (which unfor­tu­nate­ly holds an ele­ment of truth).

    I may have digressed a lit­tle, but you get the point. Although the task of find­ing some­thing that’s both prac­ti­cal and aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing (in a world where a nor­mal-look­ing hand­bag with a design­er badge on it can cost a semester’s worth of tuition fees) seems absolute­ly oner­ous, there are a hand­ful out there who are striv­ing to break those bar­ri­ers and are intro­duc­ing com­modi­ties that don’t punch a hole in your wal­let and make your bank account cry. Today I’m intro­duc­ing you to one of them.

    So imag­ine my sense of joy when I realise there is a back­pack I can throw in my numer­ous pack­ets of pota­to chips, lap­top, text­books and/or mon­ster-sized DSLR (if I’m feel­ing dar­ing) and not be eat­ing chip crumbs off the bot­tom of my bag by the end of the day because they’ve explod­ed every­where. Adven­tures are meant to be rugged, explored and mind­less. It’s all about the expe­ri­ence and what bet­ter way to do it than to be absolute­ly wor­ry free and free-spir­it­ed.

    Shot by yours tru­ly and my trusty (but also rusty) tri­pod.


    ONA Nylon Camps Bay back­pack
    Lars­son & Jen­nings watch
    G2000 sweat­shirt
    Good ol’ chi­nos
    Con­verse boots

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