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    Only in October

    31 October 2015

    A little recount of my October 2015.

    What a gloriously daunting month it’s been. It’s that transitional period where the weather has bigger mood swings than I do when I have hundreds of pages of readings and too little hours of sleep to take a sufficient gulp of air and keep myself alive, hence why I think I am actually a corpse with sentiments. Where was I again? Right, the weather. Exactly how I remember last year, there have been scattered periods of rain and thunderstorms lately but, of course, I am not complaining because most of you already know I am obsessed with all things gloom and morbid – proving the above-mentioned point about me being a corpse. It’s a way to calm myself down in the ever so stressful period of trying to juggle a myriad activities all at once and convincing myself that the exams lurking around the corner aren’t going to that bad. Who am I kidding? It’s during the busiest days when I am forced to reach for the underlying passion that motivates me and drives my entire everyday functioning that reminds me why I do the things I do. It’s a subconscious reminder of how important self-reassurance is.

    University-related matters aside *hundred tonne weight drops off shoulder* this month has stretched my creativity to extents I’ve never known existed. I’ve been presented with so many [insert synonym for amazing because I’ve been doing constitutional law readings all day and desperately need to catch some z’s] opportunities to shoot campaigns and style projects – one of which I will be posting very soon. It’s phenomenal how the darkest moments can often turn out to be the most profoundly inspiring revelations in terms of self-discovery and growing emotionally (unfortunately not physically; damn it, genes). Being comfortable has never been something I’ve aspired to achieve. Albeit satisfying to be able to one day be able to retire and reflect on all the things I’ve achieved in the past and be comfortable on a hammock in the middle of an isolated island somewhere far away from all human population #goals, if there’s nothing to even reflect on in the first place because I’ve been so comfortable my entire life, what is the point? I might be a little ambitious but a sprinkle of that never ruined anything. I guess this is my sleep-deprived self trying to tell you all that even though an overwhelmingly lot of [poop emoji] has been happening in my life lately, I’m taking every catastrophe as a blessing in disguise, no matter how difficult it is to categorise it as one.

    So this is me subtly informing you that in the month ahead I will be dashing to and from exam venues, sweating over constitutional law, property law and legal jurisprudence (although I think I will probably be snoring by the time I reach the last one). May all things good and wonderful be with you – sending positive vibes to you all, and myself because I need it. I also really need sleep.

    Some Suggestions

    • I too, am in the sleep deprived state that comes with exams. I can definitely identify with your point of view. Although, there has been a lot going on, I choose to treat it all, and I quote ” a blessing in disguise.”

    • Albert Wijaya

      Good luck for the exams and everything! Sending good vibes!!

      Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
      Palming Pebbles FB

    • Gosh get some sleeeeeep! Also, passing positive vibes to you and a full supply of midnight oil 🙂

      Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

    • I see these flawless images, so full of feeling and goodness and simplicity, and then I read your words, of school and exams and law practice. And honestly I don’t even know for sure why you’re just not a ful time photographer. I know personal dreams and other factors come into play, but gosh I love your photo work.
      Here’s to being happy in a hectic November. Hang in there!

    • Wow! What a Amazing photos. love it! (:


    • The weather might be all over the place but these images are fantastic and I love how you’ve captured the mood perfectly!

      Sending love from Sydney! Just followed on bloglovin 🙂

      I’ve just uploaded my video from the H&M Sydney Flagship store opening featuring Solange Knowles as the guest DJ for the night and would love to hear your thoughts x

      Helen xx

    • Love your shots – that marble laptop especially.

      Mr Essentialist

    • Oh goodness. I remember the stress of having to read hundreds of pages of enormous textbooks & always feeling behind. Hopefully you can get through it in one piece. :]

      // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    • Your blog is a wonderful combination of original personal experiences, relativising deeper thoughts, and good taste in structuring photographic shots. I like your minimalistic use of predominantly black and white colors. Utterly refreshing in this blogging world…

    • And I adore your Apple 🙂

    • I’m really happy I stubbled upon your honest words, refreshing lay-out and beautiful serene photos! I’ll be looking forward to see the results of the campaigns and project and I wish you all the luck with your studies!
      ~ Marie