Aro­mat­ic Alche­my

12 November 2015

Of all things relat­ing to smell fetish­es, nine­ty nines and sto­ries about my high school peri­od. Let’s just say sci­ence wasn’t exact­ly my forte.

Sci­ence was nev­er my forte, let me just throw that out there. I nev­er enjoyed prac­ti­cal class­es that oth­er peo­ple seemed to enjoy because it meant fire and chem­i­cals and a far­fetched expec­ta­tion of explo­sions. Dis­sect­ing rats right before lunch time wasn’t exact­ly what I want­ed to do either, and even in hind­sight, sci­ence just nev­er caught my inter­est. But, to be frank, I nev­er sin­cere­ly enjoyed any sub­jects in high school. Aside from the occa­sion­al enjoy­ment of

threat­en­ing to splash paint on fel­low stu­dents dur­ing art class, class­es and sub­jects were endured for the sake of rid­ing along with the stereo­typ­i­cal Asian with a law degree (although admit­ted­ly, I want­ed to be a fine artist up until 12th grade when legal stud­ies as a sub­ject caught my inter­est; so I guess you can add that to the list of enjoy­able things in life, along­side splash­ing paint on oth­ers). Fur­thered by the fact that the only con­ver­sa­tions through­out my senior years of high

school revolved around rank­ings and ninety-nine-point-blah’s (school was hard­ly con­ducive to a fun learn­ing space) there was no way chem­istry could’ve climbed its way along­side legal and busi­ness stud­ies (basi­cal­ly all the stud­ies). So imag­ine my how excit­ing it is for some­one who failed year 10 sci­ence to be gift­ed this tri­pod oil burn­er which not only sat­is­fies my smell fetish­es (that’s for anoth­er time) and makes me feel less unknowl­edge­able. #smellsciences

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