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    Aromatic Alchemy

    12 November 2015

    Of all things relating to smell fetishes, ninety nines and stories about my high school period. Let’s just say science wasn’t exactly my forte.

    Science was never my forte, let me just throw that out there. I never enjoyed practical classes that other people seemed to enjoy because it meant fire and chemicals and a farfetched expectation of explosions. Dissecting rats right before lunch time wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do either, and even in hindsight, science just never caught my interest. But, to be frank, I never sincerely enjoyed any subjects in high school. Aside from the occasional enjoyment of

    threatening to splash paint on fellow students during art class, classes and subjects were endured for the sake of riding along with the stereotypical Asian with a law degree (although admittedly, I wanted to be a fine artist up until 12th grade when legal studies as a subject caught my interest; so I guess you can add that to the list of enjoyable things in life, alongside splashing paint on others). Furthered by the fact that the only conversations throughout my senior years of high

    school revolved around rankings and ninety-nine-point-blah’s (school was hardly conducive to a fun learning space) there was no way chemistry could’ve climbed its way alongside legal and business studies (basically all the studies). So imagine my how exciting it is for someone who failed year 10 science to be gifted this tripod oil burner which not only satisfies my smell fetishes (that’s for another time) and makes me feel less unknowledgeable. #smellsciences

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