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    18 November 2015

    My take on time management: It all revolves around the habit of managing the fluid notion of time and navigating your way around it. There’s no shortcut – just a staircase of incremental steps.

    These are the disparate bits and pieces collated over time that somehow work their way back into my life by way of me discovering them whilst cleaning my room or accidentally stumbling across them in my cupboard of too many watches.*

    Having recently been flooded with strict deadlines and (poorly) attempting to juggle diverse aspects of life, the ticking of time nibbled at my mind slowly when it hit hard that I wouldn’t be able to finish 300 pages of readings in one sitting, style campaign work and then be able to watch weird challenge videos on YouTube. Like everything else in life, there is no universal guide to life one can take hold of and follow methodologically with the sole hope that they will discover a life hack that will ease the process. I mean, if there is one, please share. But as far as I know, things take time. In spite of the fact that it bums me how little leisure time I’m left with by the end of all of my tasks (or none at all, really) I find that it’s comforting to know that I’ve been managing my time efficiently, rather than completing work in the most illogical and sparse periods throughout the day.

    While scheduling to-do lists and managing time all seems like a bit of a hoodwink to trick yourself into thinking you’ve completely an immense mountain of work, it does make more sense than the above-mentioned sparse allocation of tasks. The common misconception is that making a to-do list needs to fill the entire memo pad with tasks. Obviously depending on how large your memo pad is, these things can range from ‘finish 50 pages of legal jurisprudence readings’ to ‘take out the rubbish at night’. All purposes of the to-do list fly out the window instantly and you’re left with nothing but a mental vomit of all the things you’re worried about. Which is obviously great, except your memo pad isn’t a therapist.

    Things take (a bloody long) time to complete, and setting your standards too high, or striving for goals that are irrelevant to your broader goal, will not assist in anything. Rarely anything of a fruitful and long-lasting nature can be achieved overnight or in that all-nighter cram session you’ve pulled after realising how screwed you are for your morning exam. It all revolves around the habit of managing the fluid notion of time and navigating your way around it.

    There’s no shortcut – just a staircase of incremental steps. But now that it’s post-exams and I have no deadlines [severely ignoring my memo pad of social media campaign deadlines] I’m off to watch an episode of either The Flash or Arrow or maybe I’ll just continue with my weird Youtube challenge videos. Who knows. Bless holiday breaks.

    * I actually do have a little IKEA drawer just for watches.

    Daniel Wellington watch – ZARA tee – Article & Goods wallet – Chanel parfum – The Dairy iPhone case

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