18 November 2015

My take on time man­age­ment: It all revolves around the habit of man­ag­ing the flu­id notion of time and nav­i­gat­ing your way around it. There’s no short­cut — just a stair­case of incre­men­tal steps.

These are the dis­parate bits and pieces col­lat­ed over time that some­how work their way back into my life by way of me dis­cov­er­ing them whilst clean­ing my room or acci­den­tal­ly stum­bling across them in my cup­board of too many watch­es.*

Hav­ing recent­ly been flood­ed with strict dead­lines and (poor­ly) attempt­ing to jug­gle diverse aspects of life, the tick­ing of time nib­bled at my mind slow­ly when it hit hard that I wouldn’t be able to fin­ish 300 pages of read­ings in one sit­ting, style cam­paign work and then be able to watch weird chal­lenge videos on YouTube. Like every­thing else in life, there is no uni­ver­sal guide to life one can take hold of and fol­low method­olog­i­cal­ly with the sole hope that they will dis­cov­er a life hack that will ease the process. I mean, if there is one, please share. But as far as I know, things take time. In spite of the fact that it bums me how lit­tle leisure time I’m left with by the end of all of my tasks (or none at all, real­ly) I find that it’s com­fort­ing to know that I’ve been man­ag­ing my time effi­cient­ly, rather than com­plet­ing work in the most illog­i­cal and sparse peri­ods through­out the day.

While sched­ul­ing to-do lists and man­ag­ing time all seems like a bit of a hood­wink to trick your­self into think­ing you’ve com­plete­ly an immense moun­tain of work, it does make more sense than the above-men­tioned sparse allo­ca­tion of tasks. The com­mon mis­con­cep­tion is that mak­ing a to-do list needs to fill the entire memo pad with tasks. Obvi­ous­ly depend­ing on how large your memo pad is, these things can range from ‘fin­ish 50 pages of legal jurispru­dence read­ings’ to ‘take out the rub­bish at night’. All pur­pos­es of the to-do list fly out the win­dow instant­ly and you’re left with noth­ing but a men­tal vom­it of all the things you’re wor­ried about. Which is obvi­ous­ly great, except your memo pad isn’t a ther­a­pist.

Things take (a bloody long) time to com­plete, and set­ting your stan­dards too high, or striv­ing for goals that are irrel­e­vant to your broad­er goal, will not assist in any­thing. Rarely any­thing of a fruit­ful and long-last­ing nature can be achieved overnight or in that all-nighter cram ses­sion you’ve pulled after real­is­ing how screwed you are for your morn­ing exam. It all revolves around the habit of man­ag­ing the flu­id notion of time and nav­i­gat­ing your way around it.

There’s no short­cut — just a stair­case of incre­men­tal steps. But now that it’s post-exams and I have no dead­lines [severe­ly ignor­ing my memo pad of social media cam­paign dead­lines] I’m off to watch an episode of either The Flash or Arrow or maybe I’ll just con­tin­ue with my weird Youtube chal­lenge videos. Who knows. Bless hol­i­day breaks.

* I actu­al­ly do have a lit­tle IKEA draw­er just for watch­es.

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