Sun­day Rus­tic

17 November 2015

Of cozy days curled up in bed and lis­ten­ing to the rhythms of the rain.

As much as I appre­ci­ate sun­light and the way the rays of gold seep through spaces and nature to cast warmth, I do enjoy a nice lazy day at home, prefer­ably tucked up in bed with my lap­top slammed right in front of my face. Obvi­ous­ly the extreme­ly Tum­blr way of por­tray­ing the scene would include a warm cup of cof­fee, flick­ing through rus­tic pages of the Great Gats­by and lis­ten­ing to the rain, which I (regret­tably) do par­take in on an occa­sion­al basis. Yes you can slap me now. But we both know my lap­top takes prece­dence over fic­tion­al nov­els (although the pace at which I fin­ished all of The Maze Run­ner nov­els will beg to dif­fer) so I’ll prob­a­bly resolve to doing some­thing like stalk­ing oth­ers’ blogs and com­mit­ting homi­cide against my bank account. Amongst my many sins, online shop­ping is one of them. It’s no secret that I’m a tiny bit (extreme­ly) obsessed with watch­ing tv shows whilst falling asleep in the most awk­ward and uncom­fort­able posi­tions at 3am with rain driz­zling and tap­ping on my win­dow sill with a nice aro­ma float­ing in my room. I’m that one per­son who takes net­flix and chill in the most lit­er­al way pos­si­ble. I will lit­er­al­ly chill. Pass me the pop­corn.

Where was I again?

Ah, right. It’s not every­day that you get nature-scent­ed, organ­ic aro­mas to accom­pa­ny your leisure read­ing (or blog-stalk­ing) that don’t smack you across your face when you walk into the room and block off all your air­ways with a sick­en­ing thick gulp of vanil­la-caramel. There’s always some­thing to cater for everyone’s secret (or overt) smell fetish and Pep­per­mint Grove does it per­fect­ly.

My first styling project ever
A cam­paign for Pep­per­mint Grove

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