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    23 November 2015

    Still doing the bur­ri­to in tran­si­tion to warmer weath­er.

    I’ve said this once and I will say it again: I thor­ough­ly dis­like warm weath­er.  I’m sure I’ve made this appar­ent pre­vi­ous­ly but noth­ing beats the feel­ing of being cozy on win­ter morn­ings. Any­thing above 25 degrees cel­sius for me is tor­ture because I’d much rather be snugged up in a mil­lion lay­ers of thick cloth­ing, trot­ting about with my breath as vis­i­ble as chim­ney smoke. It’s the way I can stack things on top of each oth­er with­out seem­ing like I’ve pur­pose­ly dressed up as a human bur­ri­to for hal­loween that I enjoy.

    As of late, with the tem­per­a­ture soar­ing through to the 40’s plus (and back down to 20 at night) I’ve been try­ing to find ways that’ll save me dump­ing a jack­et in my ruck­sack with­out actu­al­ly wear­ing it but also stay­ing warm dur­ing the night. I fig­ured there was noth­ing stop­ping me from car­ry­ing my bur­ri­to needs onto this tran­si­tion­al peri­od with the weather’s severe PMS issues. In the process of this endeav­our to dis­cov­er a way to trick myself into think­ing that I could dress myself the same way in this heat as I would in win­ter, I dis­cov­ered the pho­tographed. Shirt lay­er­ing isn’t any­thing nov­el — it’s been around for quite a bit and peo­ple are real­is­ing the util­i­ty of fol­low­ing the onion method, i.e. the famous Mar­garet Zhang lay­er­ing tech­nique. It’s now about push­ing the lim­its and cre­at­ing new sil­hou­ettes that make you com­fort­able and find­ing dif­fer­ent ways to accen­tu­ate your per­son­al style through jux­ta­pos­ing pat­terns and tex­tures. There’s noth­ing more ver­sa­tile than a col­lar­less white shirt slipped under­neath like a clean back­drop to a pho­to­graph. This is the clean, white desk­top you’ve placed your cof­fee and muf­fin on top of for that one per­fect flat lay post­ed on IG. An over­sized shirt is your cof­fee and muf­fin thrown on top to bal­ance and con­trast, with the sleeves rolled up so you don’t seem like you’re drown­ing in an over­sized coat. It’s all about mod­er­a­tion and under­stand­ing colour palettes.

    Shot by yours tru­ly for ASOS’ #AsSeenOn­Me


    White shirt with chest zip
    Twill shirt
    Black spray on jeans
    White lace up train­ers

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