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    23 November 2015

    Still doing the burrito in transition to warmer weather.

    I’ve said this once and I will say it again: I thoroughly dislike warm weather.  I’m sure I’ve made this apparent previously but nothing beats the feeling of being cozy on winter mornings. Anything above 25 degrees celsius for me is torture because I’d much rather be snugged up in a million layers of thick clothing, trotting about with my breath as visible as chimney smoke. It’s the way I can stack things on top of each other without seeming like I’ve purposely dressed up as a human burrito for halloween that I enjoy.

    As of late, with the temperature soaring through to the 40’s plus (and back down to 20 at night) I’ve been trying to find ways that’ll save me dumping a jacket in my rucksack without actually wearing it but also staying warm during the night. I figured there was nothing stopping me from carrying my burrito needs onto this transitional period with the weather’s severe PMS issues. In the process of this endeavour to discover a way to trick myself into thinking that I could dress myself the same way in this heat as I would in winter, I discovered the photographed. Shirt layering isn’t anything novel – it’s been around for quite a bit and people are realising the utility of following the onion method, i.e. the famous Margaret Zhang layering technique. It’s now about pushing the limits and creating new silhouettes that make you comfortable and finding different ways to accentuate your personal style through juxtaposing patterns and textures. There’s nothing more versatile than a collarless white shirt slipped underneath like a clean backdrop to a photograph. This is the clean, white desktop you’ve placed your coffee and muffin on top of for that one perfect flat lay posted on IG. An oversized shirt is your coffee and muffin thrown on top to balance and contrast, with the sleeves rolled up so you don’t seem like you’re drowning in an oversized coat. It’s all about moderation and understanding colour palettes.

    Shot by yours truly for ASOS’ #AsSeenOnMe


    White shirt with chest zip
    Twill shirt
    Black spray on jeans
    White lace up trainers

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