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    Boy in Basics

    4 December 2015

    The sum­mer-friend­ly lay­er­ing method.

    Scur­ry­ing into the graf­fi­ti infest­ed walls of some nar­row alley­way, I jumped, walked, ran, hopped, and bounced around like a moron hop­ing the two ends of this nar­row path wouldn’t show me danc­ing in front of my not so timid look­ing tri­pod and mon­ster cam­era. But, of course, I put it all aside in the name of blog­ging and the fact that this was for an ASOS cam­paign. Although if some­one actu­al­ly did ask what I was up to it would be a lit­tle tricky to explain. ‘So do you mod­el? Are you a pho­tog­ra­ph­er? Wait you work at ASOS?’ Yes, I see your vir­tu­al blog­ger heads nod­ding in agree­ment.

    As ram­bled in part 1 of the cam­paign the tran­si­tion between Antarc­tic and Desert weath­er urges some sort of flex­i­ble solu­tion to pre­vent one­self from freez­ing from the win­ter-like winds in the evening after a 35+ degree sweaty day. The more ver­sa­tile option for doing the onion in this PMS sea­son is the over­sized shirt as coat over tee method. Every­one has a go-to. This is mine.


    Shirt in wool mix
    Super skin­ny jeans in acid grey
    Lace up train­ers in white

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