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    Dear Decem­ber

    31 December 2015

    A recount of my Decem­ber 2015.

    Season’s greet­ings! Or is it hap­py new year? I don’t know this fes­tive hol­i­day jar­gon, please bear with me. It’s the month of joy, where busy ones are home for the hol­i­days and every­thing needs to be per­fect because, well, it’s the Christ­mas month. Each day lead­ing up to the 25th has been a build up of excite­ment and fes­tive buzz until Box­ing Day arrives and the trees are about to be tak­en down, the presents are exchanged and the oh, so spe­cial Christ­mas spir­it has van­ished along with the plat­ters of food con­sumed from the pre­vi­ous night (pray­ing for those who weighed them­selves on Box­ing Day). It’s a fun­ny con­cept, isn’t it? The idea that peo­ple strive to be their very best in the name of a fes­tive hol­i­day. Some­how the need for every­thing to be per­fect over­rides every­thing else along­side exces­sive con­sump­tions of can­dy cane and tales of San­ta watch­ing every move you make (if you have chil­dren). Sud­den­ly, the excite­ment is bub­bling inside of you and your inner six year old crawls out and takes the wheel. This is me say­ing hap­py hol­i­days and hap­py new year. Now go ace life.

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