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    None but Novem­ber

    2 December 2015

    A lit­tle recount of my Novem­ber 2015.

    Boy, what a month it’s been — from the late night cram­ming ses­sions (to which my promi­nent eye bags owe their exis­tence) to the tran­quil moments of recu­per­a­tion in the after­math of brain mal­func­tion dur­ing exams. The amount of fluc­tu­a­tions in this psy­cho­log­i­cal roller­coast­er month has left me with a desire to do noth­ing but couch pota­to my entire hol­i­day break by catch­ing up on all TV shows I’ve missed whilst being buried under uni work. The thing is, I’ve already caught up on about 4 dif­fer­ent TV shows. *col­lec­tive cry* But, while we’re on the top­ic, can we talk about that sea­son finale of HTGAWM? Shon­da, you cray.

    Apart from immers­ing of myself in fic­tion­al dra­ma, I’ve also been more involved in social media events and cam­paigns. This month has once again sur­prised me with an eye-open­ing range of oppor­tu­ni­ties which I’ve tak­en so much from. Last week I attend­ed the Bared Footwear event and freaked the heck out about being alone and, I don’t know, hav­ing to com­mu­ni­cate with real human beings (?) #send­help but nev­er­the­less received a bunch of expe­ri­ence for next time. Come at me, human inter­ac­tions.

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