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    None but November

    2 December 2015

    A little recount of my November 2015.

    Boy, what a month it’s been — from the late night cramming sessions (to which my prominent eye bags owe their existence) to the tranquil moments of recuperation in the aftermath of brain malfunction during exams. The amount of fluctuations in this psychological rollercoaster month has left me with a desire to do nothing but couch potato my entire holiday break by catching up on all TV shows I’ve missed whilst being buried under uni work. The thing is, I’ve already caught up on about 4 different TV shows. *collective cry* But, while we’re on the topic, can we talk about that season finale of HTGAWM? Shonda, you cray.

    Apart from immersing of myself in fictional drama, I’ve also been more involved in social media events and campaigns. This month has once again surprised me with an eye-opening range of opportunities which I’ve taken so much from. Last week I attended the Bared Footwear event and freaked the heck out about being alone and, I don’t know, having to communicate with real human beings (?) #sendhelp but nevertheless received a bunch of experience for next time. Come at me, human interactions.

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