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    Be Kapten

    13 January 2016

    The elu­sive con­cept of time and the means to mak­ing choic­es with clar­i­ty. #bekapten

    What a fun­ny thing it is: time. So elu­sive and uncon­tain­able but so preva­lent in the move­ments of every­day life that it’s become an ingrained part of our every­day lives — all we can do is observe, mea­sure and cal­cu­late it. We watch and feel it slip by. It frames the way we nav­i­gate our errands, demands pri­or­i­ties to be made, and cre­ates oppor­tu­ni­ty cost. There is no this and that with time — it’s either or. Kapten & Son rep­re­sents that real­i­sa­tion per­fect­ly. I sail the seas of time with this del­i­cate chain of gold cling­ing onto my wrists. The sim­plic­i­ty declut­ters the mind and allows choic­es to be made with clar­i­ty.

    KAPTEN & SON time­piece, SUN­DAY SOME­WHERE frames, ASOS shorts, CHAN­DRAH BEADS bracelet.

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