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    Be Kapten

    13 January 2016

    The elusive concept of time and the means to making choices with clarity. #bekapten

    What a funny thing it is: time. So elusive and uncontainable but so prevalent in the movements of everyday life that it’s become an ingrained part of our everyday lives — all we can do is observe, measure and calculate it. We watch and feel it slip by. It frames the way we navigate our errands, demands priorities to be made, and creates opportunity cost. There is no this and that with time — it’s either or. Kapten & Son represents that realisation perfectly. I sail the seas of time with this delicate chain of gold clinging onto my wrists. The simplicity declutters the mind and allows choices to be made with clarity.

    KAPTEN & SON timepiece, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE frames, ASOS shorts, CHANDRAH BEADS bracelet.

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