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    Vicious Venom

    1 February 2016

    Getting a little vicious up in here.


    shot and styled by YOURS TRULY
    featuring VICIOUS VENOM

    My friends over at Vicious Venom have posed a question to aid our recalibration process in the new year. If you haven’t already come up with a new year’s resolution: [January is already over, mate] here’s one for you – investigate your mindset and start questioning the priorities and influences that permeate your cognitive process. Find out what it is that makes you tick and the reasons behind those motivating factors. Why are the things that are important to you so damn vital? Admittedly, my priorities are all over the place, too, so I’m not preaching at you as much as I’m trying to tell myself to get my butt off this comfy office chair of mine (I put a cushion to make it even comfier, but that’s besides the point) and start doing things that might actually help me not be a homeless wreck in the future. As much as I’d like to think that I’m the healthiest muncher of salads and a fitness freak, I’m a terrifyingly underweight non-teenage boy who gets ID’d whenever I order a beer cause I look about fifteen. I’m twenty.

    Gone with the sad stories, on with the practical. Unsurprisingly, as alluded to previously, the misconception of style as having some sort of price/quality correlation has caused detriment the liberal styling of oneself. Once it is finally accepted that trend is not, and should not be, the driving force behind one dressing themselves, the sooner one realises that there is no mutually exclusive factor between style and practicality. This is the compromise Vicious Venom has flagged as problematic. I agree wholeheartedly with them, and now I’m showing you how.*

    *You can freakin’ jump off a boat with these bags. Yeah, you read it right.

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