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    Lost in the Wild

    16 April 2016

    A hard-hitting procrastination shoot in the aftermath of a hectic past two weeks, and a complete life hack moment involving tap water and skin.


    Having been on that 4 hour sleep, Red Bull overdosing kind of grind for the past two weeks, the procrastination tendencies hit me hard when I realised my next exam was in a week’s time. To hell with the hundred pages of readings, right? I mean, I did do two exams, a 45% assignment and attended all classes in the span of 6 days. Completely justifies an impromptu photoshoot situation involving me juggling a heavy SLR camera in one hand whilst meddling with a reflector and self-timer remote in the other and trying to look comfortable in the midst of it. Can you sense the hint of discomfort in my eyes?

    Amusingly enough, this shoot was just a part of my endeavour to make a much overdue update to my about page visuals. Somehow the hair and and facial area got soaked in bathroom tap water in my pursuit of edginess. I don’t know if it worked, but the glossier skin complexion was a complete life hack moment. Who needs Photoshop when you have water to make you seem like you have healthy skin?*

    * Either for drinking or splashing onto your face. Choice is yours.

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