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    2 April 2016

    3am rambles about life of a law student, tucked in checkered shirts and fancy colognes.

    shot by YOURS TRULY featuring PENHALIGONS

    And just that like I’ve escaped this transient platform for nearly two months of a draining legal internship and studying furiously for law school. In other words, same old nerd reporting here on this site. Hey, hello, how’ve you been, you’ve grown taller, etc. Awkwardly, I shot this right after coming home from my 9-6 legal internship – hence the checkered shirt and tucked in situation I’d never pull off on any given day (oh the work life) – but just haven’t been able to come up with anything remotely meaningful amidst the chaos of researching case law and coming up with theses for le supervisor for his media appearances. So genius me decided to compose this post at 3am in the morning after stomaching half a bottle of wine and a 12 plus hour day of reading the fat media law textbook on contempt of court and the administration of justice. All very interesting.

    So yes, good to be back, grown up attire, fancy colognes, and all that. Don’t worry, I still stand by my stringent comfort over famous brand philosophy, although I will hint that sometime in the near future I may be experimenting with designer. Who knows? Anywho, thanks for being ever so patient with my intermittent updates on (or realistically just complete abandonment of) this website. I don’t know. I’m delirious. I’ll probably be up in 3 hours to hit the textbooks again.

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