Only Opus

2 April 2016

3am ram­bles about life of a law stu­dent, tucked in check­ered shirts and fan­cy colognes.

shot by YOURS TRU­LY fea­tur­ing PEN­HALIGONS

And just that like I’ve escaped this tran­sient plat­form for near­ly two months of a drain­ing legal intern­ship and study­ing furi­ous­ly for law school. In oth­er words, same old nerd report­ing here on this site. Hey, hel­lo, how’ve you been, you’ve grown taller, etc. Awk­ward­ly, I shot this right after com­ing home from my 9–6 legal intern­ship — hence the check­ered shirt and tucked in sit­u­a­tion I’d nev­er pull off on any giv­en day (oh the work life) — but just haven’t been able to come up with any­thing remote­ly mean­ing­ful amidst the chaos of research­ing case law and com­ing up with the­ses for le super­vi­sor for his media appear­ances. So genius me decid­ed to com­pose this post at 3am in the morn­ing after stom­ach­ing half a bot­tle of wine and a 12 plus hour day of read­ing the fat media law text­book on con­tempt of court and the admin­is­tra­tion of jus­tice. All very inter­est­ing.

So yes, good to be back, grown up attire, fan­cy colognes, and all that. Don’t wor­ry, I still stand by my strin­gent com­fort over famous brand phi­los­o­phy, although I will hint that some­time in the near future I may be exper­i­ment­ing with design­er. Who knows? Any­who, thanks for being ever so patient with my inter­mit­tent updates on (or real­is­ti­cal­ly just com­plete aban­don­ment of) this web­site. I don’t know. I’m deliri­ous. I’ll prob­a­bly be up in 3 hours to hit the text­books again.

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