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    21 June 2016

    Talking baggy sweats. Snuggle up.

    Much to the dismay of my summer-loving friends, the colder seasons have once again come rushing into my open arms. We’re talking baggy sweats today. Snuggle up. Having always gravitated towards plain and neutral tones, I never gave myself the opportunity to explore the fantasies of optical-illusion patterns. I mean, aside from that one Christmas H&M jumper I felt obliged splurge on by virtue of Christmas season in Hong Kong, and which has only sat uncomfortably on my shoulders on one occasion, I’ve never actually been a fanatic of the said print situation. So when this mind-bloggling knit arrived in the mail I was more than surprised I actually liked it more than any other sweater I owned previously. We’re only halfway through 2016 and I am finally ticking off one of my new years’ resolutions – try something new and actually like it. Here’s to cold temperatures and all things knit.


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