4 February 2017

Thoughts on non-lin­ear time, igno­rance-dri­ven seg­re­ga­tion and vio­lence in our polit­i­cal sta­tus quo.

This past month has con­sist­ed of me end­less­ly exclaim­ing how quick­ly time is pass­ing. Half an hour before I decid­ed to update this vacant dig­i­tal space, I was recov­er­ing from the intri­cate­ly full-cir­cle* plot in Arrival and its propo­si­tion that time is not, in fact, lin­ear. While learn­ing hep­ta­pod is not the imme­di­ate call-to-action in this post, the under­ly­ing mes­sage in the film is one that res­onates with our polit­i­cal sta­tus quo. The film direct­ly chal­lenges our per­spec­tive of time, which tends to reduce our cog­ni­tive process to one that is nar­row-focused and short-sight­ed. As it grap­ples with the sci­ence-fic­tion­al the­o­ry of being able to observe the future and com­pre­hend the choic­es we make, it echoes a mes­sage of uni­ty and hope. Rather than seg­re­gat­ing the for­eign, the sto­ry unfolds as the char­ac­ters attempt to inter­act and con­verse with the unfa­mil­iar.

Often, how­ev­er, the most dis­con­cert­ing igno­rance-dri­ven vio­lence stems from the lack of under­stand­ing of our own kind. Take Negan in The Walk­ing Dead as an exam­ple; the begin­ning of sea­son 7 saw the liv­ing slaugh­ter­ing one anoth­er dur­ing a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse (a rather abrupt ref­er­ence, but nonethe­less proves my point). Beyond the small and big screens, we’re in a peri­od of severe mar­gin­al­i­sa­tion and divide. While we’re not amidst an alien inva­sion or zom­bie apoc­a­lypse, both of which speak direct­ly to my choice of enter­tain­ment genre, it’s cru­cial to hold onto these sen­ti­ments, because change all starts from with­in. All of that just for me to wel­come the new year for the first time on this plat­form. But also, don’t give up on hope.

* Yes, that was indeed a hep­ta­pod pun.

Some Suggestions

  • you just can’t go home after arrival with­out think­ing about it for days and days. i love that movie so much. also it sends mes­sage of uni­ty which is increas­ing­ly need­ed in this cur­rent soci­ety. to have bet­ter under­stand­ing of each oth­er before draw­ing weapon is some­thing so neglect­ed these days :/ hope your 2017 would be an amaz­ing one, jef­frey!